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Game Description:

Unique and stunning music game experience with large amount of original and VOCALOID song libraries.
Official VOCALOID Characters and songs support.
– First official Japanese and Chinese VOCALOID licensed rhythm game.

– Stunning visual effect and gorgeous design.

– More than 70 original songs from famous musicians all around the world.

– 30 songs FREE to PLAY immediately.New songs keeps adding each month.

– Original songs by famous game musicians such as Nhato,t+pazolite,sakuzyo,Junk,LV.4,3R2,Akira Complex,hoskey and etc.

– Three creative performance modes suitable for both casual and hardcore rhythm gamers.Suitable for both phone and tablet experience.

– Touch/press the note when the circle judge line pass through.

– More than 400 various patterns and music chart.


– Course mode for official approve your skill ranking.

– Google Play leaderboards and achievements.

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Intro Song: All I Need by Valesco
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11 thoughts on “Zyon – Android Gameplay HD

  1. Seriously mate she has to be named a boy name and my brother is zyon to and his so jealous that a girl is named zyon

  2. where I can find the song "duke and fairy" on youtube in song locked in the game? (I can't read kanji with screen shot x_x )
    thank for your help ^^

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