“The Game”
by Motörhead

Album: WWE: The Game (Triple H) [feat. Motörhead] – Single
Genres: Soundtrack, Music, Rock
Released: Jun 01, 2011
℗ 2011 WWE, Inc.

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Theme Count:
1st: “Blue Blood”
2nd: “Ode to Joy” (WWE Edit)
3rd: “Break It Down”
4th: “Break It Down” (WWE Edit)
5th: “No Chance In Hell” (WWE Edit)
6th: (Corporation Heel Theme)
7th: “Higher Brain Pattern”
8th: “Higher Brain Pattern” (2nd Version)
9th: “My Time” (WWE Edit)
10th: “The Game” (Instrumental)
11th: “The Game” (Instrumental) (2nd Version)
12th: “The Game” (WWE Edit)
13th: “King of Kings”
14th: “Break It Down” (3rd Version)
15th: “The Game” (2nd WWE Edit)
16th: “The Game” (3rd WWE Edit)
17th: “The Game” (4th WWE Edit)
18th: “Break It Down” (3rd Version)
19th: “Break It Down” (4th Version)
20th: “For Whom the Bell Tolls/The Game” (WWE MIX)

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23 thoughts on “WWE: "The Game" ► Triple H 17th Theme Song

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  2. Every true wrestling fan at one point in their lives once mimicked the whole HHH entrance routine whilst holding a water bottle and playing this song.

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