[World Record] Silkworm (NES) Co-op in 21:44


I do apologize for the audio I know there were terrible room noises (specially the hockey game) but this run was recorded live at ESA2018 practice room, I tried fixing the audio the best I could.

Player 1 (Chopper):
Player 2 (Jeep):

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  1. NES players are true pro players!
    Problem with NES you die you start AAAAAALL over again!
    Not like modern game save and restart from check points!

  2. Thank you for showing Mexico from the other side. USA shown Mexico as are not comfortable country. Sorry for my English. Sincerely, Russia.

  3. Good game, great speedrun. I complete this game with my brother in our childhood. Thank's for playing!
    Hi from Russia.


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