Why Miss T Is Smarter Than Granny


Why Miss T Is Smarter Than Granny
After all of the funny pranks, Miss T is still a teacher and Granny is just a grandma.

Scary Teacher 3D

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  1. vivid=God me=Noob granny=bored Cuz no kill miss t= smart louser (^_-)<3

  2. Vividplays your every horror game is so awesome after day1 your finally escape how did you do that……….????????

  3. For the ones whos said that granny isn't a teacher or wasn't going to school, Intelligence hasn't a relation with School, intelligence is developped more and more in school. Also Granny is an old woman, that makes sense🤷🏻‍♀️ and i think that for Using hot sauce as a bad taste for the soup in Miss T is a SILLY way to loose. BUT Vividplays you are the BEST gamer EVER. And i appreciate that Vividplays didn't say STUPID isntead of NOT SMART: nice and greatful player. I subscribed to u UwU


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