Why do people turn to RMT and services for their games?


Mmogah.com explains why gamers decide to buy in-game currency. Gamers and friends are tired of waiting to get the best gear or try new content because they just don’t have the time to play all day. People have many priorities these days that keep them from doing the monotonous grinds of MMORPGs. MmoGah hogs that computer mouse for you year-round and makes sure you have the best experience every-time you play.

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  1. Turning to RMT to satisfy your need/want for in-game currency is cheating. No way around it. Everyone in an MMORPG is expected to play by the same rules, just because you don't want to "grind" doesn't mean you have the right to cheat your way to the top. It's bloody disgusting what the RMT market does to the market for people who are actually attempting to make money fairly.

    If you want to cheat, play a single-player game, or a local game between friends. Cheat in a game where everyone is expected to play by the rules? I hope your ass gets banned.

  2. even though gil is basicly pointless….2 hours to get to lv 50….please stop giving these people money to buy bot accounts to spam chat…and they probably have comment review on so this wont even get past the post button..

  3. We are glad to announce that Mmogah.com now accepts Bitcoins for payments. We recommend buying with Bitcoins if you wish to remain anonymous in your purchase or want additional privacy. We do not require any additional verification checks once the transaction is complete.

    Please open the link https://www.mmogah.com/news_info.asp?id=326 to learn a large amount of information about Bitcoins payment.

  4. in all honesty this is the best gold site iv been to for archeage. Customer support is very intellgient andactually help you. there also cool people lol. I recommend this site to all archeage players who are trying to get ahead. VERY FAST DELIVERY

  5. I really like Mmogah , they are always professional and fast and honest, always recommend to your friends.

  6. I'm a genuine customer and real youtube account. These guys are the real deal and I've now purchased twice through them. Each time I received great customer service through their live chat and there were no issues. Thanks.

  7. I hardly have time to play games. Mmogah.com takes away the frustrations of a game feeling like a second job. Very fast service and very professional will use for a long time!

  8. Such a great company, really happy with the service they give and how fast the delivery of the product is.


  9. These guys have been great! Fast and easy. Always do you right and no worry's about your account being hacked or terminated.

  10. Seriously the only gold buying company I trust, been using them since day one, I've never tried their leveling services but if they're anywhere near as reliable as their gold buying service it's definitely worth a look! 🙂

  11. One of the best gold and leveling companies i have worked with 🙂 I have used MMOgah about 6 times now and they were quick and made my worries go away. Thank you Mmogah for letting me believe in a company again for this service.  A+++

  12. Best place to buy in game currency, still reliable and oh ever so fast at delivering the gold! A must place to visit!

  13. A great clip explaining the need for rmt, and the best place to get it. Good pricing + good support, look no further!

  14. Really great service , fast delivery , Trustable Website to buy gils , not like the other. I bought from them more then 7 time now ,

  15. It really works the way they say it does. Their quick service and fast results make my life 100% easier, especially now that I'm working. A++.

  16. What an amazing idea! It makes so much sense, I bet you already have a lot of good customers.

    I am going to look into your pricing right now, I can already think of a few uses for a service like this!

  17. Really great service, great chat support that helps you through the transaction.  Fast delivery, super satisfied A+++++


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