What on Earth is HecaComb from Wizards of the Coast !?


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  1. Hmmm so basically wizards looked at this and said hmmm monsters that stack on top of each other? Lets make that into a set and call it Ikoria

  2. As a horror fan, I was excited for this game. I love the mechanics for it, the simple lore and, yes, the art. It's just too bad here, in the Philippines, it didn't do too well neither. Everybody was busy playing either Magic or Yugioh…

  3. Here's a card game you probably don't know about rudy. "Redakai". Same exact mechanic as this game! Clear card game that failed

  4. Im shocked this came out in 2005 seems like high school student from 1991 was making his own card game but with the card quality what seems really good because the materials used seems more expensive because of plastic cards even if they are thin? its funny how plastic lasts longer then card board but thats exactly why collectors would not want them. Impossible to cheat because the card stick togther too lol. My big problemis the art strange no hot chicks or interesting themes. Magic work because of the colors it has somthing for everyone. Most card games now would like have to based on some s
    Majorly over lived fad like fort night just to be successful.

  5. HA!! I'm just so glad someone else has Hecatomb!! I bought a hand Full of starters and boosters when it went tits up in the LGS and have never played.

  6. I was the R&D lead for this game – it was a blast to work on! The whole team was really excited about working on something so different. Fun fact, one of the factors of its demise was an increase in the cost of crude oil, since that's what the cards are made from. It certainly wasn't the only reason, but it was a big factor.

  7. I think it would do decent now if they fixed some things or maybe adjusted the theme a bit. Making the cards more of a thick and solid piece of plastic that wont bend too much would help for one. Idk something about the cards just seems cheap. If they solved that it would probably be pretty good. That is considering the gameplay is solid as well.

  8. A little late to comment, but for What it's worth to the net community, I received my first check in three years., and I supported my l.g.s. (Remember proper acronyms)
    By buying two guild kits, but the bundle "fat pack" were cheaper on amazon. Minimizing hobby costs on a fixed income. The savings on the bundle let me purchase the next installment in the Dune Novel Prequel series.

  9. This is basically MTG with only Black Mana.
    Loose all darkness from your soul after watching this – say it out loud.

  10. While not a card game, the game I really miss is Dreamblade – it was like a crazy chess with magical units that all had special abilities.


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