What Happens If You LOSE To Eternatus in Pokemon Sword and Shield


In Sword and Shield, you’re supposed to beat Eternatus to save the day… but what if you lost?

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► What if you lose to Eternatus, (spoiler warning) the final boss and cause of the darkest day in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Will the world be absorbed into darkness? Will the game end? Will dynamax pokemon take over? Probably not, but lets see what happens!

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  1. "Hold up guys, I need to go heal my Pokemon real quick, anyone want anything?"
    "Sure, I'll take a burger or two."
    "S O D A"
    'Eh, why not? Fries."

  2. Poketips : in mind . Okay I'll wipe out my teammates then myself . Does it eturnatus :ok thanks for doing my job

  3. what happens if you use cheats to get the Master Ball early, and try to capture Eternatus in the first battle? y'know, the one where it's only the player vs. Eternatus?

  4. im suprised that he doesnt know that you always go back to the poke center. i learned that when i was a kid on pokemon platinum.

  5. Hey poketips can you try to transfer eternamax eternatus to pokemon firered or leafgreen or other old pokemon games

  6. I love how I had already done so before watching this video a couple months ago

    So I didn’t need to watch this video because I already knew the answer, but I did anyway

  7. Somewhere in the poke universe
    Arceus:Why is that trainer keep losing,Dialga rewind time
    Dialga:Sure thing,boss
    100 battles later
    Dialga:but…boss….the tim….
    Arceus:I DON'T CARE


    Eternatus:cmon kid,you supposed to catch me…not keep losing to me
    Kid: Charizard used flame thrower on Zacian
    Eternatus:You know what,let's just call it quit and call me when you are ready,here i give you my number


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