What Happens If You CATCH and USE Eternamax Eternatus in Pokemon Sword and Shield


What if you could use the strongest overall Pokemon, Eternamax Eternatus?

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► Eternamax Eternatus is a super powered up form of Eternatus that you fight in the end of the world climax of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Normally, you cannot use eternamax throughout your playthrough of Sword and Shield – the closest you can get to using it in game is by using the Eternatus signature move, Eternabeam. Today, I’ll be testing out and seeing what happens when we catch and use Eternatus and force it into its eternamax form!

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  1. This video was extremely fun to make and highly requested – enjoy! 🙂
    Watch me test out more weird stuff in Pokemon Sword and Shield – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLm6dgPed9bOTsl_LJ84pKnsgn9wF6TvV8

  2. "I understand why you can’t take it outside"

    …no, I don’t. You can’t use gigamax in wild pokemon battles either. What restricts you from eternamaxing him in a raid or in a massive arena though? Absolutely nothing! Ignoring the stats that is.

  3. I got eternabeam, not knowing what it does, and everbody wanted the move, and I had it, and I thought it was a cool move

  4. Hop sees the Eternatis.
    Hop: Hahahahaha I'll catch you!
    Etertus: Boi I have a trainer
    Hop: who?
    Etertutus: Pokitips.
    Hop: But he JUST started!!
    Etertus: Haaaaya uses dragon tail
    Pokitips: you undristemated me

  5. Wait… Make it so that on The Isle Of Armor it will follow you. Will it crash or will it be super glitchy?


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