Walking With Dinosaurs : Wonderbook | Ep.01 – BEST GAME EVER!


Walking With Dinosaurs : Wonderbook is, in a word, awesome. Using the Eye camera, the weird Wonderbook peripheral and the PS Move lollipop thing, we’ll dig up fossils, clean them up and arrange them, hide from dinosaurs, and generally get over-excited about a childrens game.


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  1. 7:12 Okay, I had to ask: WHY DOES EVERYONE RIPPING OFF JURASSIC PARK!? We know it’s a reference to the movie, but it’s extremely overused and we know it’s highly inaccurate! Don’t overuse it! I’m talking about the game, not him.

  2. 1. Gorgon
    2. Alexornis
    3. Alphadon
    4. Edmontosaurus
    5. Pachyrhinosaurus
    6. Pentaceratops
    7. Cycad
    8. Fern
    9. Horsetail
    10. Rise Of Birds 1
    11. Rise Of Mammals 1
    12. Rise Of Mammals 2
    13. Oak
    14. Young Juniper
    15. Young Patchi

  3. while it´+s not nearly the same this reminds me of a dino game (which i have forgoten the name of) ment for education that my grandma (she was a teacher) owned when i was a young little bratt in the late 90ties damn i wanna find that game it´d be cool to play it again, it also had 3d (if you owned 3d glasses) as a kid who wasn´t super rich it was fekin amazing then.

  4. It can be easy to forget how much bigger Edmontosaurus was than Tyrannosaurus (Yes I know the tyrannosaur in this game is Gorgosaurus I'm not stupid but T. rex also hunted Edmontosaurus)

  5. hey nice vid. can you change the language into Dutch? My son is 6 but we're Dutch…would be easier for him


  6. it remind me of jurassic because of 4:12 i wish i can i have this cool game so cool and awesome , and the game also can tell you what to do wow but think he Ep.01 of name should be " is our first dinosaurs . "


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