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The Volvo V40 is a handsome five-door hatchback that’s a rival for models like the Volkswagen Golf and Mercedes A-Class. Its safety credentials are very impressive, but buyers will also be pleased with the standard of the interior and the V40’s practicality. There’s a wide range of petrol and diesel engines, automatic and manual gearboxes, and even a rugged Cross Country version. It’s one of our favourite family hatchbacks.

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  1. The false boot panel folds away to make boot bigger ‘, not for hiding ur valuables under 😂😂😂 most normal people have a safe at home for that

  2. "the position of the handbreak is just a bit awkward". Well that would be because you are sitting in the wrong side XD.

  3. Depending on your driving habits the D4 may be the most frugal engine. An economy competition in Finland in 2014 crowned V40 D4 the uncontested champion with a measured fuel economy of 94.8 UK MPG (2.98l/100 km) over a 151 mile trip with average speeds ranging from 33 to 41 mph.if you want more info go to

  4. I currently have a diesel V40 Inscription as a courtesy car while my Audi is having its repairs. OMFG the automatic gearbox is so slow, no paddles, daft center console with millions of buttons for every single freaking thing. It really makes me appreciate Audi and Mercedes interior a whole lot more!

  5. Four of us managed to fit in the back seat. Yeah, I know it was overload but we were desperate. The point is four people abreast could fit in the car.

  6. Oooo. Volvo…..another one of those 'Status Cars'. People buy Volvo's, BMW, Range Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes, & Audi as a 'Status – Look At Me' car. What a joke…..People just ride down the street to drop the kids off as school and that's it!! Looks great in front of other school kids seeing you pull up in one of those models mentioned. The worst of Volvo vehicles is the price of part's replacement if anything goes wrong. Check with any garage as a general enquiry, hand picking a recent Volvo model for yourself. You will be in shock at parts prices. Expensive.

  7. I can't comment for anyone else, BUT I have owned probably 20+ cars in my lifetime and I have never needed front door bins that can take massive bottles of water ever, as long as they can take my scrunched up twin wrappers and old car park tickets then that's enough for me

  8. I cannot believe they still have that goddamn dial-phone shit in the center console..

    That's the only reason I'm not buying one of these.

  9. i don't understand why they say its safe…. just look on how many CAT D of this car compared to any of the same model…. it doesn't make sense

  10. agar kisi ko 2nd Volvo v40chahiye 2015ki 28000km chli hui bilkul new condition me toh contact me 9079188828 mujhe latest model chahiye isliye sell kr rha hu price 1400000 only pls serious buyer sampark kare

  11. I rented this car once I loved it so much. Signed a deal for a new Volvo v40 17 plate. I was so close to having it but then i went home and thought 21k and its still manual no parking sensors no sat nav ? 😑. Dont get me wrong though its a solid car excellent to drive and good looking but its very stingy with features.

  12. What a small woman, makes car look like a SUV. Can't wait to get mine! It is waiting for me in the shop 'till the paperwork is done. It is a white momentum D2

  13. I wish Volvo would bring the V40 over to Canada, we love premium hatchbacks here. But unfortunately, we have to settle for what the Americans get. 🙁

  14. can somebody answer my question – if remove the rear seats is it possible to sleep two adults in the trunk (V40 2016)? Going to get it for rent in Norway


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