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The Volvo V40 Cross Country is essentially a beefed up version of the Swedish premium hatchback. Featuring rugged looks and a raised ride height, the V40 Cross Country offers four wheel drive capabilities, but only on top of the range models. This is a bit of a shame, especially compared to 4×4 rivals such as the Skoda Octavia Scout, Seat Leon X-Perience or Volkswagen Golf Alltrack. So can a high safety rating do enough to tempt buyers to the thought of the Volvo V40 Cross Country, or does this crossover need to do a little bit more? Find out all my thoughts and more in this in-depth video review.

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  1. Driven the Merc A180 for over 3 months back um 2018, owned more than 3 an Audi A3 (1.8T, 1.9tdi, 2.0 T Sline) being an audi fannatic i just recently bought the the Volvo 1.6 T4 and nothing to complaint about apart from the Geartronic issues that Ford Focus has. Confy, practicality, fun to drive, looks way better than any other on its class, performance is there when you need. Very glad with this new especially after I had the 2009 C30. 🥳🥳🥳🥳😇😇😃😃

  2. I must say that it’s quite impressive how a car with an interior from 2012 still works today. Sure some bits are outdated but still fresh and works great

  3. Since the Chinese takeover its going downwards with Volvo. Using 4 cylinder ford diesels that end at 200 k kilometers, not the old Volvo quality standard.

  4. You said the fuel consumption is not what the manufacturers claim well manufacturers are not allowed to claim fuel consumption figures! As you should know it's what the government claim when it goes through their standard fuel consumption tests. It is just a figure to compare one car to another that's all. However 70 + miles per gallon is very possible , I did it myself but I don't expect a motoring journalist to get that,and current traffic situations are not favourable either ! The V40 roots go back to 2004 and not being like the hideous mini is very nice indeed.😃

  5. stupid man, u more busy about cop holders than how the car work, engine, gear etc., Volvo is a very good car, safety more than all other, and comfort, stop this idiot test please! I hope u have drink enough water……,? Copholders, hehehe, and "this buttom" u show us we dont need use it, we have all radio station in the list ready! There u have learn something new, Why U not try GPS, clim, speakers, and the city safety…. U maybe not right person too do a testdrive here , be more serious please, and what about the engine, did not show us

  6. Rented the D2 version, altough a bit slow the mileage was epic. But the front pilar is annoying, really hard to see cars coming from the right/left.

  7. I had a 2009 Volvo S40 and the interior was pretty much exactly the same , we are now 10 years on! I really liked my S40 but the interior was abit boring

  8. This guys such a kn#b he gave the Ford Mustang a hard time, I bought one and it’s brilliant who cares about a little hard plastic! I’ve just bought a nearly new Volvo V40 CC at half the original price, just over a year old, because if this guy hates it I’ll love it,
    Nice reviews Matt I know you’re probably not a kn#b in real life but you sure come of as one in your vids

  9. Ive got one. Generally ok, but never expected would squeak that much a new car, especially seats and driver's door. Really pity.

  10. Shit. All cars are shit. Can't find a good looking car with a quality interior and non shit infotainment system, that's fun to drive and decently powerful, while being reliable and having a reasonable price.

  11. Rubbish review, not even the correct car. The title said it was the 2018 model but the registration started with KT66 which is 2016. If it was 2018 it would say KT68…liars

  12. I've owned one for just over a year. Lovely car. Visibility is reduced, was a bit annoying and took a while to get used to, but it's just for safety purposes. This car is a tank. I had the D2 model manual, and it was a lovely, safe car. Highly recommended for your wife or daughter for example.

  13. Everybody is complaining about the center console buttons, but have you seen all he buttons on a Ford Fiesta?

  14. I like this car overall. I drove the d4 r design. Takes off like shit off a shovel! The inside is uncomfortable and dated but the outside is really good looking. Good car

  15. I've driven a v40 cross country and it honestly isn't that bad, the infotainment system works quite well and the car doesn't feel sluggish, i have to agree that the boot space is not that great though.

  16. If someone one to buy a Volvo V40, Buy the black one.
    Because the wole car will be black. If you look at some V40 with another colur, for example white, It looks like the rear window cover the whole back, like Volvo C30. Fucking uggly.
    Same with Volvo V 60. I just bought an Volvo V40 D4 190hp. Bussines, Advans, Pro. One problem with this black colur. only after one wash, the car are full of scratches. So i´m really unhappy to pay 33 858,00 £ and after 6 month, have a scratchy car.

  17. The V40 was an idea that got too inspiring and came out not the smartest thing coming from Volvo. It's like it's created from brainstorming drunks where no idea was a bad idea. And they still havn't recovered from the hangover hence still on the market.

    And I love Volvo. But there's so much that could've been done better with this one. It feels rushed.

  18. How is this old car. LED head lights, 18" wheels, Paddle shift, BIS, premium interiors and more. I have driven Merc GLA, and I liked V40 CC 2018 over GLA.

  19. Sort of considering the T4 AWD model of this as I'm really fed up with getting stuck in the snow, but don't want nor need a large car. Still not convinced by the 2008-style black and white screen, infotainment etc. I drive a 2012 V60 at work and really don't like it, I had hoped this would be better.

  20. I was watching a recent review by CarBuyer (the channel Mat Watson was previously on) and I couldn’t resist the fact that the material seemed to me a copy of what he was presenting in this video.
    You can watch the CarBuyer video using this link and then, you can compare:

  21. i beg you not to go for supercar or exotic cars. Just stick to affordable cars. Most reviewers has been a shitty after done that. People do need honest review about a car that they can afford to buy. not "compare to Ferrari, this civic is less this and that and bla..bla..bla.."

  22. Looks great and smart both in interior and exterior.
    Have digital futuristic looking speedometer.
    Great performance.


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