video game boyfriends | Michael/Gavin


Hoooooly shit this took forever (and by forever I mean a week) to make. Between all the masking and nine layers of bullshit I had to deal with, I am finally done and, relatively, content with how it turned out.

Information is in the video but since apparently no one has the capacity to pay attention, the cover is by The Young Professionals.

Artwork By:

If I accidentally left someone out please let me know so I can add their name to the list!

Disclaimer: I don’t own jack


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  1. I watched this years ago and just reminded myself of it and I love the nostalgia I got with this video ❤️

  2. No matter how happy I am, this always makes me smile wider.
    It also begins and ends every day for me, so thank you.

    It’s wonderful.

  3. I found out about the song from here and I immediately put this song as Mavin because of this video. Thanks so much for making this it's awesome!

  4. shitshitshit
    i think im gonna cry its just so goddamn beautiful
    could you make this available on mobile please

  5. This is MENTALLY well done for a shipping video, and as a video in general dude, seriously. The artwork is freaking awesome too, I'm glad the artists you used got to have their work put out, they're all brilliant. Just wondering, who is the 'Video Games' cover by? 


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