#5 on Top Trending Videos of 2015 (Singapore)

Unbreakable is about the moment in everyone’s life when they feel like quitting. The music video shows athletes, from 5 different sports, in their pre-game routines where they deal with nerves, psych themselves up and remind themselves of all they’ve been training for. As the athletes and fans meet on competition ground, everyone experiences an all-encompassing spirit that is “Unbreakable”.


Written by
Amir Masoh

Performed by
Tabitha Nauser

Athletics – Shanti Veronica Pereira
Basketball – Desmond Oh, Lim Shengyu, Ng Hanbin, Russel Low and Wong Weilong
Bowling – Jazreel Tan
Silat – Muhammad Shakir bin Juanda
Swimming – Joseph Schooling

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23 thoughts on ““Unbreakable” | Songs of the 28th SEA Games

  1. i ♥ this song!!! Before my sports day competition in tue 8×100 relay,i was damn nervous! Then after hearing this song,i was so motivated! i love this song!!!

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