Unboxing 2017 BMW M6 – The Ultimate Grand Touring Coupe?


For today’s unboxing review we bring you the 2017 BMW M6. It’s an absolute beast thanks to its twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 with 560 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque. Remember, this comes from BMW’s in-house M high performance division. Those guys take absolutely zero shortcuts and owners expect nothing less. The original M6 coupe hit the market way back in 1983 and last until ’89. But it wasn’t until 2006 when the second generation arrived, and today the third gen is still on sale, having been released in 2012. Having been refreshed for 2015, the 2017 M6 is still a fully modern grand touring performance coupe in the greatest ways possible.

Oh, and did we mention that it’s pretty expensive? Well, it is. Base price: $113,700, but our car, packed with several (expensive) option packages came to a grand total of $124,410. Despite that six-figure price tag, the M6 coupe (and its convertible and four-door coupe siblings) have no trouble finding buyers. But the question is whether BMW, in the wake of ever increasing fuel regulations, can continue building the almighty M6 in the years ahead? What changes will have to be made in order to adapt the fourth gen model for the times? That all remains to be seen, but for now we should all rejoice in everything the M6 has to offer. Oh, and if you want a six-speed manual instead of a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, BMW offers it has a no-cost option. We told you this car is awesome. Enjoy the review!

Introduction: 0:15
M6 overview: 1:30
Interior: 2:00
From the driver’s seat: 4:00
M6 history: 4:15
iDrive 5.0: 4:50
Optional packages: 5:35
Connectivity: 6:25
Dashboard design: 6:55
Safety: 7:10
Driver’s info screen: 8:25
Awesome front seats: 9:05
Rear seats: 9:30
Trunk space: 10:10
How does it drive?: 10:30
Engine and transmission: 10:50
Engine start up: 11:30
Performance and fuel economy: 12:00
Exterior: 13:10
Pricing: 14:15
What’s the competition?: 15:25
What do I like: 16:35
Don’t like: 17:05
Conclusion: 17:50

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  1. A bit constructive critics for you, imo, your explanation is too much about this coupe, that coupe, too much umm, and those opening doors scene, i think its unnecessary, and please change the title, its not unboxing, maybe 1st impression review or anything beside unboxing. Anyway, thank you for reviewing my dream car. M6 is just beautiful yet mean looking car. Prepare your words and fact carefully about the car so the "umm" is less spoken.

  2. At 3:37: Couldn't find cheap plastic parts whatsoever in the cockpit? Really?

    Aircon vents, vent controls, central door lock and hazard light button, all the switches in the center control area, all the switches arround the gear leaver including the e-brake, window and side mirror controls on the doors, turn signal stick, wiper control stick, the ugly black buttons on the headrests, rearview mirror and some of the steering wheel controls are some of them.

    Don't know for the life of me how you missed those obviouse ones 😉 Oh and the engine that you call a work of art is actually not the engine. It's another cheap plastic part that's used to cover the engine 🙂

  3. My friend and I work in sales. When we got our commission checks he went straight to the dealership and bought the m6. While i just got the BMW 328i.

  4. Fukin unbelievable prices, its fucking free!! 130000$ fucking lazy bitches what have u all done to deserve these prices, really u shud have work hard to create new techs but u even stole those scientists and everone, u fucked whole balance of world curst sn of bitches! This market must fall usa, leave the oversea countries alon fuck your market whole stolen richness gad damn allll thieves, bloodsucers! Fuck!!

  5. all bmw look the same and inside they need a new desing and lake tech and even a c class has more tech and a better dash board

  6. Very nice car BMW over all !! But the interior is to compact. I almost bought the M6 but after the test drive I said No way. I bought the 2015 750 LI X drive for way over 100,00  with lots of options and The ride is very very comfortable on long drives and City. Plus I have a huge interior for friends and family! My lease is up next year and I 'm waiting to see the new M5 and what it has to offer. These cars are great BUT for the City they Suck TO MANY TRAFFIC LIGHTS ! These cars have all that Power but where are you goner exercise all that power!!! But who knows M5 or 750l next year we shall see. Nice vid by the way.

  7. This car is above 911 i was on a race track with a m6 and i did 205mph stock witch means its faster then the gt3 and rs or 911 so its super car just not at acceleration

  8. The m6 needs a new gen, taillights need to be 3D like what Lexus do. Also, headlights need to change and seats need to change, cabin need to look slicker and sicker.

  9. love the M6 driven it before just wished BMW had air suspensions for comfort drive around the bad city roads .

  10. I know carbon fiber-reinforced composite is generally light in weight and hi-tech and all that: but is it really lighter than a standard metal roof, which I assume would be a thin sheet of aluminum anyway?


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