Touhou Flash Game – Udon Gallop


Link to a reuploaded version that preserves the annotations:

(7:34) Typo: “This next one in ranked…” should be “This next one IS ranked…”
(Discovered by SuperSupermario24 over a year ago, but YouTube didn’t notify me of the comment, and I only just saw it now on Jan. 12, 2019.)
Unfixable annotation count: 152
(Fixed in the reupload, of course.)

Alright, it’s time for another Touhou flash game!
This time, it’s Udon Gallop!

This game can be found here:

This game is keyboard-controlled. Now, the goal is to keep Reisen from falling off the bottom of the screen for as long as possible as she travels through various areas. She’ll be constantly running forward, but you can use left and right arrow keys to adjust her position, and press Z to jump.

You can also jump again while in midair by pressing Z again, but doing so consumes a moon. You start with five moons, and you can midair jump as many times as you want until you run out of moons. So, while you don’t want to waste them, make sure to use them if necessary to stay on the screen, because if you fall off the screen, the game ends anyway. However, the used moons will slowly recover while you’re standing on something (or bouncing off of mushrooms in one area), so don’t feel too bad about having to use them, because they can be earned back.

Now, as you advance through the areas, the platforming will generally get trickier and you’ll probably find yourself making “moon jumps” more and more often. The platforming starts off fairly basic, but gimmicks start appearing before long. One area is comprised of mushrooms which cause you to automatically bounce off them, though each bounce does recover half of a used moon, so it might be a good place to recover (also, a yellow mushroom might appear on rare occasions, and hitting it launches you off the top of the screen for about 4 seconds). Another area has butterflies that fall after you land on them, so jump quicky (though you’ll probably be jumping quickly anyway). There’s also an area that seems to be a reference to the Hopping Tenshi game, but it’s very easy and is an excellent place to recover your spent moons. After that, you’ll be jumping on a lot of small UFOs that move in a few different ways, and if you make it past that lengthy part, you’ll end up having to dodge missiles (I think they’re Mimi-chans, actually!) as you’re falling back to Earth, but you’ll have unlimited moons during the missiles part, so jump as much as you need to there! After the missiles, the game loops back to the beginning, but goes faster.

Now, the longer you stay alive, the more points you accumulate. However, you accumulate points faster if you move towards the right side of the screen. As you approach the right side of the screen, your score display will change color and increase faster:
Green: 2x
Yellow: 6x
Red: 16x
Obviously, you want to be in the “red zone” on the far right as much as possible, but it’s risky, as you’ll have practically no time to react to what’s coming up there. Still, there are times (like at the very beginning or after hitting a yellow mushroom) where you’ll want to be hugging the right edge of the screen. Note that during the Hopping Tenshi and missile firing parts, you can’t get a boosted scoring rate no matter where you are, so don’t worry about being in a certain position for those parts.

If you manage to complete one loop of the game, you’ll unlock an “Extra” mode where you play the same game as Tewi. She has a higher basic jump than Reisen, but she can’t “moon jump” (she’s not a moon rabbit like Reisen), so one slip up will end the game. Her scoring rate for being near the right side of the screen is much higher than Reisen’s as well:
Green: 3x
Yellow: 14x
Red: 54x (!)

(Jan. 12, 2019 EDIT: Redid the math on all the score multipliers. These are the correct values, I believe.)

There are separate high scores for both points scored and distance travelled (so you can just play it safer near the left side of the screen, ignoring points and shooting for distance if you want), and there are separate tallies for both Reisen and Tewi. I’ve managed to get in various spots on all four leaderboards.

Hmm… I wonder what Touhou flash game I should make a video of next… If anyone has any suggestions for a Touhou flash game for me to play, I’ll consider it, but there are no guarantees. It will kind of depend on whether I like the game enough or not.

Feel free to comment, but just know that I dislike profanity. Any comments containing F-bombs and/or S-bombs will be shot down by missiles! (In other words, they’ll be deleted.)
(Comments containing other types of inappropriate content may meet this fate as well.)

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  1. Huh, the game's code suggests that being in the red zone during a normal game actually gives a 16x multiplier, not 12x. Your other values are all correct, though.

    The formula in particular seems to be (base multiplier * mode multiplier), rounded down. The base multiplier is 1.3 for the green zone, 1.6 for the yellow zone, and 2.0 for the red zone. The mode multipliers are 2, 4, and 8 in normal mode, and 3, 9, and 27 in extra mode.

    So, calculating each of these:

    Regular mode:
    Green: 1.3 * 2 = 2.6 -> 2x
    Yellow: 1.6 * 4 = 6.4 -> 6x
    Red: 2.0 * 8 = 16.0 -> 16x

    Extra mode:
    Green: 1.3 * 3 = 3.9 -> 3x
    Yellow: 1.6 * 9 = 14.4 -> 14x
    Red: 2.0 * 27 = 54.0 -> 54x

  2. Somehow this reminds me of the running sequence in Sniper Assassin 5, except this time you have a regenerating limited set of air-jumps.

  3. Hmm… Now, I'm wondering… Is "youkai"/"Youkai" a proper noun or not? Well, for the time being, I'll change that one to lower-case.

  4. The character is always advancing forward through the game at a set pace which can't be stopped, but you can adjust your position in the play area by pressing left and right.

  5. And do you think I didn't already know that? I watch most of SomeGuy712x's videos within a day after they're uploaded.

  6. As another note, the spellcard is named with the characters "Exorcism Sign". Since that isn't exactly fitting for a youkai, I suppose it should be called [Go Away "Peace Maker"]

  7. No idea. I've never made it to the end of the UFO section with Tewi. I could perhaps keep trying, and if I make it, I'll let you know.

  8. Moon rabbits can moon jump. Of course.
    Now, the question is, what happens when Tewi reaches the area where she was in Reisen's mode?

  9. Well, I did mention that Reisen was apparently chasing Tewi for some reason, but I wasn't sure what that reason was. Tewi might've pulled one prank too many or something. I don't know.

  10. You didn't mention it in the description or the video, but it's pretty obvious the reason why you are always running is because Reisen is chasing Tewi for making her mad or something and Tewi runs off taunting her a bit. In EX mode, you are instead controlling the fleeing Tewi who is egging on Reisen at every jump. (She looks back every jump.) Not sure if you noticed or just didn't put it in because it really wasn't that important. 🙂


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