Top 5 Things to know before becoming a Travel Agent


Cyndi Williams, Travel Industry Expert, shares the top 5 things you need to know if you are considering a career as a Travel Agent.

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  1. I like that your suggestions included establishing a niche. I signed up with a host agency in 2018 and offered travel anywhere people wanted to go. I had thought about establishing a niche for 2020, then covid 19 hit. However, I am still committed to my vacation planning business and I anticipate travel resuming in 2021 and beyond.

  2. Cindy, i recently joined evolution travel affiliated with archer, but i really doubting, and want to know your opinion, what do you think?

  3. who are the 2 companies you mentioned getting certified through? your accent made it difficult to understand

  4. Their is a agency who I reached out and at said $49.99 too start with a sponsor and learning + $79.99 a month should I not go for at?

  5. Hi. Thanks for this informational video. It was very helpful. BTW, I was floored when you said you were in your 20's in the 90's. I would have sworn you were in your 20's at the time of filming!

  6. You have provided great info, however, I think that making the comment of Travel: Host Agency/ MLMs being a scam was made from a misunderstanding on how it actually works. Because of this, I think that you have placed a negative mark in your character.

    I believe that there is nothing wrong with recruiting, major companies like State Farm and Expedia Cruise Ship Centers recruits agents all the time, yet why aren’t they associated as an MLM Scam? I think you need to really to take the time an truly understand how something works before making biased statements. I have all the necessary certifications and I have helped hundreds of people do the same and helped them create a great supplemental income via a Host agency that encourage recruiting.

  7. One comment I would like to add is that I am considering this. I am considering specializing in cruises and cruising on a budget. Be able to give people the option of paying with cash, check or money order too. I want to cater to the individuals plans build a barebones cruise then add extras on requests.

  8. Homebased travel agency business is the best online business that you can have because it's including an "high tickets" selling commissions and can give you the freedom that you should willing to have.

  9. I worked in the industry for 8 years now I’m having issues registering with CLIA & IATAN for my own business. That’s where I need help.

  10. Thank goodness I found you!! <3 I already launched my travel agency but I am finding it hard to grow it (I still have a full time job). Will go through your other videos to learn more. 🙂 Thank you!

  11. I found a better way to be an agent without being an agent. 75% off hotels etc mlm is the best i make a lot of money


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