Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. Full campaign


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David Crenshaw, a U.S. Air Force pilot and squadron leader of an elite unit called H.A.W.X (“High Altitude Warfare Xperimental squadron”). The game begins in 2014 with Crenshaw providing air support for the Ghost Recon team carrying out covert operations in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. After the mission, the Air Force deactivates the H.A.W.X program and Crenshaw is recruited into Artemis Global Security, a private military corporation.
Over the next six years, Crenshaw and his squadron fly missions for Artemis and its clients, such as defending valuable facilities and attacking insurgent bases. In 2021, Artemis signs a lucrative defense contract with Brazil that makes it one of the most powerful PMCs in the world. As expected, Las Trinidad, an anti-U.S. alliance PMC, launches an invasion on Rio de Janeiro. But with the help of Crenshaw and his squadron, Artemis and the Brazilian forces are able to repel the invasion. In the wake of the conflict, the United States sends its forces to intervene, thereby subverting Artemis’ role and causing its stock to drop. In response, Artemis takes up a profitable contract with Las Trinidad and launches a surprise attack on the United States Navy carrier strike group in the Strait of Magellan…


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  1. This game was/is great. I have not found a flying game that Ive enjoyed so much ever since. The controls were easy/great and the different views were amazing. I loved first person, on a big screen it kind of felt like you were flying. One of my buddies couldn't play and barely watch as it would make him sick. I wish they would make another with more or less the same controls as the original (not hawx 2) for xbox one.

  2. My HAWX story.

    1991: I am born on April 19 of this year. The Middle Eastern Kuwait War ends later in the year.

    2001: The September 11 terror attack occurs. The US military responds with an invasion of Baghdad the following year. I am 10 years old at the time of the 9/11 attacks.

    2007: I have my first prop flight on my 16th birthday.

    2009. I turn 18 deciding to become a pilot after flight training.

    2012 The Reykjavik Accords take effect, allowing private contracting for pilots. This allows me to begin Air Force training after 5 years of basic training.

    2014: Operation Ghost Rider takes place on this date. This is my first fighter pilot mission before beginning work for Artemis Global Security overseas.

    March 2015: Operation Adder takes place place on this date. I participate on this mission now working for Artemis having passed my previous mission.

    September 2015: Operation Cobalt takes places place on this date. This is my second mission working for Artemis now in Central Africa.

    November 2015: Operation Backlight takes place on this date: This is my third Artemis mission now in the Middle East. The success of this mission and the previous two eventually affirms my re-station at Brazil.

    January 2021: Artemis OFF certification takes place on this date. This is my first training flight in Brazil as one of Artemis' top pilots.

    2021 (Rio Invasion): Brazil-based Anti-US Los Trinidad invades Rio. I and my HAWX squadron repels the invasion using the new OFF system. The repelled Rio invasion however, causes international tension, causing Artemis to lose five points in stock market.

    April 2021: Operation Backfire takes place on this date. This is the first time in years I participate with US forces on this mission.

    June 2021: Operation Ulysses takes place on this date. My squadron again participates with US forces on this mission. Artemis however betrays the US carrier fleet in this operation, forcing me to side with my country's forces at final leg of the mission. The US Air Force therefore instate my squadron to service to retaliate the Artemis threat in the next mission.

    June 24, 2021: Operation Stiletto takes place in the Caribbean on this date. This is my first solo mission working for the US Air Force to stop my former employers from further attacking US forces like the Lawrence's fleet my squadron just saved from such attack in previous mission. The operation is a success, but not before learning late that Artemis had already invaded Washington DC. I return to the Lawrence so it can return home to assist Washington's defense.

    Operation Red Eagle: Within 24 hours of returning home from the previous mission, my squadron scrambles from the Lawrence now in flight range of Washington to assist US capitol's defense. The President is nowhere to be seen in the capitol, due to the chaos of the sudden Artemis attack. My squadron holds off the attack long enough for US forces to organize a defense to repel remaining Artemis forces by nearby Air Force reinforcements.

    Air Force One Operation: Following Artemis' repulsed attack in Washington DC, my squadron is diverted to secret coordinates code-named "November Four." We find Air Force One airborne in the operation airspace, with the White House's senior cabinet aboard. My squadron escorts Air Force One to safety, holding off an Artemis pursuit of the President's plane. The operation is successful despite Artemis' radar jamming at the final leg of the mission.

    Operation Back Arrow: Following the President safely relocated from the previous mission, my squadron is then ordered to Chicago to stop the Artemis' radar jamming of US soil there. The main jamming source is eventually located in Sears Tower, with my squadron locating the source for US ground forces in the city to move in and destroy it. The operation is a success, ending with the first US victory against Artemis' attack of America. This allows US forces abroad, including those in Tokyo, to return home for the defense of America.

    June 25, 2021. Operation Backhand takes place on this date. With the extent of the Artemis attack of the US now realized, US forces launch an amphibious assault to retake Norfolk military base. My flight is the ordered in first to disable Norfolk's advanced AA system for the main force to move in. My squadron provides CAS to allied forces once Norfolk's AA system down. The mission is successful despite heavy Artemis resistance. Retaking forces however discover Norfolk's nuclear arsenal stolen by Artemis operatives. My squadron therefore returns to base to await orders to stop Artemis' nuclear threat.

    Operation Thunderbolt: With Norfolk now liberated from the previous mission, I fly solo again in the Appalachians on a mission to restore America's sateliite network. The mission is successful as my first in a mountains airspace, but I have no time for sightseeing due to the current nuclear threat against one of America's cities.

    Operation Wildhorse: With America's defense satellite hub working again from the previous mission, NASA prepares a space shuttle to launch to replace America's destroyed defense satellites in orbit from the Artemis attack. My squadron is deployed to Florida to defend the shuttle until it launches and reaches an immune altitude to enemy action. The mission is successful, allowing the shuttle to finish the remainder of its mission in orbit.

    Operation Javelin: With America's satellite network coming back online from the Artemis attack, US forces finally locate the stolen nukes from Norfolk in an abandoned military base in the Nevada desert commandeered by Artemis. Due to not many fighter pilots left in the Air Force due to the nation's attack, US Ranger forces are deployed to take this operation's base provided by HAWX support from my squadron. The operation is successful before time runs out, allowing US forces to recover most of the stolen nukes. Artemis commandos however escape the operation to Los Angeles with one of the stolen warheads.

    June 26, 2021 Los Angeles Operation: Having recovered most of Norfolk's stolen nukes in the previous mission, my squadron arrives to Los Angeles to find the remaining warhead smuggled in the city from Artemis. Artemis forces try to stop my squadron's AWACS search the entire time, but the warhead is eventually located with seconds to stops detonation. With no time to stop it from the ground, I fly in to destroy the warhead at point blank range, causing a radiation leak but no detonation, saving Los Angeles from nuclear devastation with seconds to spare. My squadron are then hailed as heroes with Artemis' nuclear threat defeated, causing its leadership to call off the US assault and go into hiding from international reprisal.

    Black Ops Operation: After several months passed from the previous mission, I go on a lone black ops mission to destroy DeWinter an his Artemis supporters' hideout. The news meanwhile covers the Reykjavik Accords to be re-evaluated in light of Artemis' assault and attempted nuclear strike in the US. I then find and destroy DeWinter's hideout as a now-independent squadron leader who brought an end to Artemis. I then return home a hero of the skies. The End

  3. What a throwback. Had a memory of the front cover, but forgot what the game was, and went all over the internet searching for it

  4. Does anyone hear the sound of someone get hit in the head by a Steel bar with a explosion when the logo of Tom clancy's appear in the screen? For me represent what happened with the series in that year.

  5. el que esta pilotando la nave es muy ineficaz a la hora de jugar ………. no sabe controlar la nave y no le saca provecho a las ventajas que ofrece el juego

  6. Ok and what about those shares and the profits now the PMC shares are nonexistent forget about it profiting.
    Another thing 2021 and using 1970s and 1980s planes? BTW I will for this game and number 2.

  7. All i can say is compared to Ace Combat, you here play more as a sky babysitter where the US Army are bunch of wussies who cries for your help all the time, thus in this game has disproportionately large escort mission compared to Ace Combat (which focuses more on combat, air superiority, and defense and escort too but generally the AI is competent enough though they still need you. Ace Combat even in many games has named aces while HAWX didn't have one)

    That and the game very often "recommends" you flying antiques or non-NATO planes despite taking place in the future. Only in the last mission and epilogue you got to fly the Raptor. Ace Combat sidesteps this issue by placing the setting in alternate universe, or the ones that take place in Earth has you fly mostly NATO airplanes or flying for a mercenary.

    All in all HAWX is a great game but have that shitty mission proportions. HAWX 2 doesn't exist.

  8. I couldn't understand what Dewinter was saying to the President cause of the background noises and voices.

  9. Logic: Shuttle can save everyone, loaded with explosives, and Artemis will throw everything at it… Let's just have three fighters defend it.

  10. This was one of the most difficult games I ever played, though I still managed to beat it. If it wasn't for my joystick it would have been a lot more harder.

  11. How did you not crash on mission they download to your HUD?When i get to that point my game crashes with the dump error.I am not sure if its my video card and PC are extremely fast or if its the game alone on uplay


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