THIS is professional WOT game play! Decha + forbidden35 [FAME]


THIS is professional WOT game play! WORLD OF TANKS

#WoT #Worldoftanks #WoTeu #WoTna #WoTpc

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Map Fisherman’s Bay
Decha [FAME]
Object 430U
Damage 10541
Enemy vehicles damaged/destroyed 11/8

forbidden35 [FAME]
Object 430U
Damage 8313
Enemy vehicles damaged/destroyed 11/8

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  1. Nothing but HEAT spamming. Got absolutely no respect for gold spammers like that. Has NOTHING to do with skill!

  2. And every single shell hits???? Heat trough tracks???? Only 1 miss and 4 non-pens???? How, just tell me how! Mine every third shell goes missing (talking about SkG-s gun/lowe or other precise guns with food, shooting at stationary tanks and giving good lead on moving ones). And I never pened tracks section with dmg done, only detracking.
    Something just aint right here, fck me if it is

  3. All those bad comments about gold ..can u noobs do something near to it? Show us pls or shut up. You 45% wr players must be grateful to those unicorns Who wins for u .


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