The Shapeshifting Detective – Full Game – Gameplay


The Shapeshifting Detective on Steam:

The Shapeshifting Detective is a supernatural murder mystery FMV game where you play as a detective who can shapeshift into other characters, allowing you to unlock secret conversations and private encounters. From the makers of “The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker”.

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  1. Wow it just turned 2020, look at these Graphics it's crazy realistic!

    But seriously it looks kind of interesting I might get it it's on sale right now.

  2. Can anyone help me please and thanks. I have this game and it freezes every 30 mins. I have other FMV games and this is the only one that does it. I have in on the ps4 thanks for any help. I have deleted it, initialized my con sloe but not the last potion in safe mode but did the others. Any help would be appreciated thanks 🙂

  3. Very, very interesting game — with realistic graphics!

    Mystery, sci-fi and thriller rolled into one. But the ending raises more questions than answers. I don't get the motive of murdering Dorota Shaw. Well-done acting and script, all characters have their own personality. Sam, is a weird one though.

    "It is ready."

  4. yeahh sanxion holmes, realistic grafics footage xD And why the fuck didnt they filmed this game with a 360º HD camera to be used as a VR game?

  5. I can't believe Monroe was stringing Poe along. I'd feel sorry for him, but that feeling was overpowered by laughter.
    The tarot readers are awfully chill about their buddy going to prison at the end.

  6. I jailed Rayen but almost got killed by violet wtf
    It's safe to say doesn't matter who you chose there will be a different killer

  7. Question about the ending so SPOILER ALERT

    so.. this traveler thing just possessed him and that’s it? But how does that explain why he targeted Dorota? Kind of a disappointment

    Also what’s up with the ufos? And why can he shape shift?
    And what’s up with the ending, the woman dying after he showed up? Is SAM the traveler? I’m so confused.


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