The Rules of Ultimate Frisbee (Ultimate) – EXPLAINED!


Ninh explains the Rules of Ultimate Frisbee, officially known as Ultimate, but sometimes called Ultimate Flying Disc.
This is a beginner’s explanation of NCAA Ultimate Rules.
Watch this short video tutorial guide on how to play Ultimate Frisbee under NCAA, MLU & International rules.
Learn about pulling, lay out, stalling, hammer, dive, plays and more!

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Video: Copyright ESPN U, XOSDigital, (I do not own any video footage – I claim FAIR USE).
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Music: ‘Move on baby’ by Cappella
Narrated, Directed and Produced by Ninh Ly

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  1. As someone who is interested in Ultimate I really don't like seeing all these "they made me play this in PE" comments

  2. Hello in advance to all my P.E students that will watch this video due to corona virus. Hopefully we can practise it soon, not just watch it! Greetings from Tenerife!

  3. When i play ultimate frisbee, the other people say that we have only 5 seconds to hold the frisbee. it's so annoying!

  4. I think the game is pretty cool. I prefer to watch Ultimate on x2 speed. Needs to be a little bit more challenging in my opinion. The offense almost never seems to be able to swat or intercept the frisbee in flight during the matches that I’ve watched. Maybe there should be a 5 instead of 10 second holding rule, and a slightly heavier and smaller frisbee. I think this game should be renamed Flydiska…sounds better doesn’t it?

  5. Why it gotta be frowned to be aggressive If im on that field I wanna win whatever it takes so if it takes bumping into someone to catch that frisbee ima bump that boy and get my point

  6. HAHAHA Im laughing the place they are playing is at Mason High School in Cincinnatti Ohio I marched Multiple Competitions for Marching Band on that Field

  7. Ultimate is kinda hard. I played on a small arena/field, and I'm not the best in throwing or catching… :/ But it was still ok.

  8. Lol I was playing a scrimmage with my school team and the other team got like all of the rules incorrect I was just checking if I was correct

  9. 2:20 – well one school that we versed during ultimate season back in spring probably didn’t learn about spirit. They were very rude by making derogatory comments towards our teams performance, dishonesty by making false calls, unsportsmanlike conduct, etc. We even had a small physical fight between them. One girl shoved one of our teammates, she didn’t call the foul though, because she didn’t know what to do. Even worse, coach didn’t discipline them or do anything about it. In return, we gave them a 1/5 on spirit. (Basically a way to rate the teams spirit for the league to see.) We did NOT get along very well.

    The school was (and still is) infamous for their unsportsmanlike conduct in games, despite their phenomenal performances and winning a lot of championships.

  10. Only rule I would change is needing to stop to throw- Would be more exciting if players were allowed to run just a few steps before passing, and also allowed to pass while on the run. Any more than a few steps though and it could be a traveling violation like in basketball.

  11. i fail to see the ultimate, i mean if the rim of the disk was razor sharp or u can tackle wearing legion of the doom armor i understand!!

  12. Plenty of this is different in the AUDL, for example: 7 seconds, not 10; and 12-minute quarters, not play to a particular total.

    You really should give the pro league's rules as the standard.


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