The Perfect Blitzcrank game! – Diamond 9.16 League of Legends


Roaming around the entire map to carry the game as Blitzcrank Support!

Blitzcrank Support gameplay at a High Diamond / Master Level SoloQ game.

I will be releasing League support content everyday so be sure to subscribe and leave a comment below with your thoughts on the series!

Bizzleberry is a EUW Diamond+ Support Main and streams in the evening (6pm – 9pm) on weekdays and afternoon (3pm) until late on weekends.






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  1. Nice game, Berry boi. I love it when you pop off on champions like Blitz!

    In regards to your question, Fire Emblem Three Houses is a cool game: it has a rather big cast and continent as well as 4 different paths you can follow. Each path reveals different details about the plot and the characters. It's also one of the most flexible Fire Emblem games as you can make your students a wide array of classes such as mages, cavaliers, armored knights, etc. I would recommend you give it a try though it may be a bit too time consuming for you.

    On regards to Pokemon, I too have gotten tired of that franchise though my burn out happened way later in life. This new Pokemon game is looking super lazy with them recycling animations and models from past games and outright eliinating Pokemon from the game because "they wanted to focus on making better animations" despite the fact that at this point it's been shown that won't be the case for the most part. Overall, GameFreak seems to have come to the conclusion they don't have to put any effort to sell millions of copies and fans are willing to agree and defend them like rabid animals. Shit fandom, hope your child doesn't get involved into it.


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