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In 1939, Texas Tech and Centenary played a college football game during a rainstorm. Things did not go as planned, and both teams ended up punting on almost every down. There were so many punts that it went from the worst game imaginable to one of pure punting beauty. Though the game ended in a 0-0 tie, the teams combined for 77 total punts, the most in football history.


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  1. Okay, her commentary is great. First time I've seen her on SB Nation, and I know this is an old vid, but it was good. Guys, she's already served her 5 minutes for "not being Jon Bois". I laughed, and she conveyed the emotion of how hilariously silly this game was.

    Please encourage more attractive women to be actually GOOD football commentators.

  2. Actually for this crappy Channel especially on this subject this was a way above average episode I'll give her a thumbs up

  3. Must be hard working at sb nation youtube dept. find interesting topics, make great videos, only for ppl to call out jon bois lol

  4. Am I a horrible person for thinking how cute she sounded saying "…game had 77 f***ing punts!" It was part incredulous and part she is so disappointed in those teams.

  5. Screw Jon Bois, whoever the hell that is. I'd rather see this beautiful blonde. Are all you people irreversibly gay???

  6. That’s one insane game. I would have hated being there although it makes a good story.

    Side note, you’re gorgeous.


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