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Arguably the most iconic ability of Samus: the Morph Ball, causes her to contort herself to ridiculous amounts, but just how ridiculous? Other videos on the topic seem to say not at all because the ball is so big, but that argument forgets one massive key point. Lets delve into the measurements and see just how amazingly impossible the Morph Ball truly is.

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  1. They certainly cover in one of the Prime? games that an attempt was made to reverse engineer the morph ball tech with disastrous results. While there is some speculation that Samus herself is transformed when entering the morph ball state, I'm not sure there's much if any precedent for such a thing within the Metroid universe. There might have been teleportation tech used sparingly, which might cover the "Mass to Energy" idea, but what we most certainly do have are a number of example as to how the Power Armor works. over all of the titles, we see that the suit is clearly able to restructure itself. When Samus finds an upgrade, she doesn't simply attach it to her armor, it's integrated into her armor. This sometimes drastically alters the functionality and appearance of the Power Armor. As such, the Morph Ball does not need to retain it's original size and can dedicate most of it's internal volume to Samus. No doubt the morph sequence assists Samus in any contortion she must put herself into and probably maintains some degree of visor functionality to see without the entire world spinning as she rolls around.

  2. I mean wouldn't Samus just curl up when she does it? I mean, sonic does it and HIS back isn't broken, somehow. I mean, just inmagine sonic's back after 'ROLING AROUND AT THE SPEED OF SOUND!' (sorry I HAD to do it) like, his back would be BROKEN! No wonder modern sonic after sonic unleashed (minus lost world) didn't do it anymore, or atleast not for long, I mean how many times as sonic stayed in the air spinning around in those games? (answer, not for long) Now I know that if you drift in sonic generations with modern sonic, he does curl into a ball agian, but it's only for that game, so…

  3. Let me just say it like this… That's what happened to the poor stupid space pirate bastards that tried replicating this particular piece of her kit. Or at least their test subjects… XD

  4. Samus have the Chozo DNA that permise to be more elastic with is body
    In Prime the morphball is big than a crouch person
    (And other stuff explained in Metroid Prime)

  5. Yo Noggin I'm 3 years late but I'm pretty sure the suit just morphs into a ball while samus is inside it. The generators and the rest of the suit morph into a sphere and samus is curled up inside it the generators and such aren't in the morph ball they morph into th morph ball and when she goes out of the morph ball it just morphs back into the suit it's chozo technology so it makes sense that it has the ability to change shape and size at will that could explain why the space pirates had a hard time replicating the morph ball since they don't have the technology to have a suit that can change it's shape and mass in such a drastic way.

  6. 1:35 given that the Morph ball exists in the first 2 Metroid games, Samus should be familiar with its operation. Either that, or those versions killed her within the first two minutes, in which case SM is non-canon along with the rest of the franchise.

  7. I once had a dream where there i found an old toy that was a toy of samus in the suit that worked like a transformer and turned into the morph ball


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