The Impressive LEGO Technic Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 Unbox & Review


Thanks LEGO For sending this set to us for a review 🙂

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  1. Botched that initial unboxing. Even after putting it back together to re-unbox, the manuals where facing the wrong way. The manyal side with the sian should be facing up.

  2. What about the "lime green issue"? Mine have a lot of different green tones in lots of components! And the set is very expensive to have this kind of issue… Don't you think?

  3. Dude is gifted such an expensive set like this and doesn't even realize he had it upside down. How many sets have you opened? I'll assume hundreds. How many of those sets had the top box smaller than the bottom box? I'll tell you – zero. That's how the universe operates.

  4. Fanboy review. No word about color mismatch of parts or the ridiculous price. But when you're sponsored you should keep your sponsor happy. I understand that.

  5. For a car this expensive, the lack of power steering is a killer. I mean, if I am going to pay for a high performance car, I expect the bare minimum. Moreover, I don't understand the functionality for an all wheel drive performance car. I can go on for days regarding the flaws with this car. Overall though, I believe that this car was not designed for functionality, but as a display piece in your garage. SMH my head Lamborghini :

  6. What's your observation on colour inconsistencies between different parts? I have seen reviews of this model where different parts obviously had different lime tones.

  7. Great video review. Personally, I really love this set. I think that Lego did an amazing job with the set. It really stands out from the other cars. It looks really good in person. The price could have been slightly cheaper, lol. Besides that the Lamborghini looks awesome and I am very pleased with the results. I hope that Lego does the Ferrari next.

  8. Good review. I don‘t like the color of the tail lights. That should be more like a transparent red piece. Some parts of the green pieces differ a lot. You could send Lego an email and complain about the quality of the parts. Then they will hopefully send you the parts in the correct green color. We have to see how long this process will take. Quality was normally never a problem for Lego. Keep up the good work. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

  9. Guys does anyone know how much time is the Lambo going to be out of stock I really want one but it says it’s out of stock. Someone knows how much time will it take for it to be for sale again.

  10. Love it but by the time Lego gets these back in stock, I'll fall out of love with it and not end up buying it.

  11. This is one amazing looking Lamborghini! But isn't the Sian an electric car actually? And the price will probably be about 350$-400$ canadian! Maybe I'll get it at some point, we'll see, thanks for the awesome review, Jack!

  12. at $30 more than the Bugatti, i think it’s as good a deal (if not slightly better) at $380.

    you have more pieces, AND NO STICKERS.

    and the Bugatti was a much better deal than the $300 Porsche.

    it’s idiotic to btch about the slightly different shades of lime color pieces.

    it makes sense since different pieces most probably require a different blend of plastic mix to serve their respective purpose. hence the slightly different shade of lime.


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