The Future of Gaming is BORING – Here's Why


There is an ongoing problem in gaming, and I feel like it’s only getting worse. Developers like Ubisoft are making everything with the “bigger is better” mentality. Because of this games are being forced into an open-world design, and they are suffering for it. Instead of being individual forms of art, video games are feeling more and more copy paste than ever before.

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The Future of Gaming is BORING – Here’s Why
Why Open World Games Can Destroy Gaming
How Open World Games May Ruin the Future of Gaming


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  1. love it, what i think they have to do to a game to make it better, is to have more interaction with the map, and of course i know that for that are survival games, but if you mix some of the good stuff from other games, you will get something like horizon zero dawn, the companie had no idea how to make an open world cause they've never had made one, but with help they made it and have great succes. In conclusion, if you have more interaction between the player and the map, the game will be so fun to play and with more hours to waste.

  2. The reason is easy. Everything is formulated. You have a box of game genres and they are mostly established into clear boundaries. FPS, puzzle, strategy, rpg. There is no creativity anymore, it just like a pile of game parts they pull from to make a game.
    "Oh but this zombie shooter has climbing in it, that's why it's brand new" "This strategy game is exactly like the others but with tanks instead of horses." Copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste. It's fine for new gamers but any established gamers have SEEN IT ALL. I can literally look at a game trailer and tell you 5 other games i've played the hell out of that are exactly like it. WE WANT SOME NEW IDEAS. Not just new games in a set genre.
    It's like if every new movie was just copy paste of old movies. OH WAIT, that industry is dying too because of that.

  3. Most of games that have no good content should go with linear. If the open world's locations have no use in the main story means waste of time, and the collections are meaningless if they were not to support the progression of the game. Conclusion pointless to play games that fail this experiment such as mafia 3 or sgw contracts and ac…so, they better stop making games open world if those contents are not important to have in first place.

  4. I feel your pain bro… A perfect example of this is God of War 4…. Just look what they did with a game that used to have an amazing gameplay experience…now it's just a beautiful open world with an average gameplay experience.

  5. Games back then: Use a formula for a certain genre and smart game design.

    Games now: Open world, is a game now

  6. In my opinion if all these retarded devs will just remove microtransactions and dlc from their games then all future games will be thousands of times better and it will completely save the gaming industry

  7. I think the last open world game I've always enjoyed was Watch Dogs 2.
    It gets a little annoying shitting on Ubisoft for the ninetieth time, though.

  8. Just look at legend of Zelda breath of the wild there’s so much to do but for me it never felt overwhelming it feels natural to go a bit off the side when running towards the mission

  9. I guess game companies(like ubisoft) focuss more on the ''profit'' part of their organization nowadays. Apparently releasing crap every year generates a huge flow of income. This will only CHANGE if consumers stop buying their crap. But hey… our minds get triggered by their promises.

  10. Open world is an excuse to pad out a lack of content. I've been gaming since Pong and I'm increasingly finding it harder and harder to find game that interest me. Almost everything out their seems like a rehash or copy or another game, just with slightly better graphics. I'm sat here with a nice gaming PC and no games installed, nothing seems even remotely inspiring

  11. I think the games are creatively bankrupt. Its all been done before and better. You can put any flavor of the month battle royalle, open world ubisoft game or generic asian mmorpg and you wont be engaged. Its not that fantasy or scifi is over and done with. Its that developers and publishers only care about how the game looks in a trailer targeted at simpletons. THey dont care about creativity, new spins on classic settings.

  12. Games are always boring like most of 'Em, But Dark Souls 3? Dark Souls 3 is always at my shoulders like years to come. Meaning I love Dark Souls 3, I played it more than Fortnite.

  13. It’s getting old now this video was made 3 years ago and speaks truth. Most games now a days are filled with boring fetch quests and useless filler to increase play time or are battle royale garbage. The only games I can think of from the past year that were actually good were indie games or Japanese games. Most AAA studios just aren’t producing anything good anymore.

  14. Honestly I just started playing smaller studio RPGs like technomancer, greedfall, elex, they actually play like old BioWare games

  15. we have the obligation of changing this by not buying it, but people still even preorder… which doesnt help, doesnt send the message to developers that they need to change the way they do video games, if the companies see the people arent buying their games anymore nor show any interest, then they are forced to think and change for the sake of their business survival.

  16. Games should be judged by what feelings you have when you finish it. Just like movies. When you finish a movie and stand up and clap, or cry, that means it was a amazing movie. Just cause a movie has great graphics or is a super long 4 hr movie doesn't mean anything, same goes with a game. Just cause the graphics are good or it has this huge open world, when I beat it, I feel nothing.. there is no "wow I'm never going to forget this" today games are more like a job, it's about being "ok, I'm all complete" but if I asked "well what did this game make you feel?". You would be like "I dunno what you're talking about"

  17. I always disliked open world. You seem to spend most of your time just wandering around doing nothing. Give me a well designed "linear" experience every time.

  18. I wish there would be more games like Skyrim coming out nowadays. Bethesda keeps disappointing with these online games fallout 76, elder scrolls tamriel, etc. I wish there were better games coming out.

  19. True, but in Uncharted you're not really playing a game. More like watching a movie where you are forced to press specific buttons just to remind you that it's supposed to be a game…

    There are good open worlds and bad open worlds. You can't blanket statement them all.

  20. What puts me off these days is the lack of a challenge. The clip shown demonstrates this perfectly.Drake Climbing the cargo netting, no skill required simply push up , press a button. That’s not playing a game it’s just pushing a stick to watch a film. I do agree though that linear games on the whole are more enjoyable.

  21. I agree gaming has got boring as hell. Same sequels, remakes every year not enough quality games worth 💴 £50-£60 one play through then 🗑…I have 100 games and only play about 25 the rest never touch now a waste of 💴…How many games are a let down or you hate playing now..90%😡👎🏻🇬🇧


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