The Buckshot Bandit – An INSANE Firefight in DayZ (PC/1.05)


This video was streamed live on Twitch ( where I come back from being murdered and eaten by cannibals to do some serious work with the shotgun right outside of Staroye. Honestly the shotgun has become my favorite weapon in DayZ for close quarters combat. Slugs and buckshot have been treating me really well recently 😉 I hope you enjoy!

Thank you N3TSY for coming up with the title:



#DayZ #PvP #Encounters


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  1. How did you find a shotgun so easily? I’ve been walking around for 2 days and have found 6 kinds of ammo but no freaking gun

  2. Holy shit..your sound effects, tense music scores, the slow mo and memory scenes..and the Oscar goes to…AmishZed. fucking BRAVO Sir. Subscribed

  3. Ish u are my favorite youtuber and streamer I want to tell u that yesterday my granpa died can we say R.I.P. for him please

  4. The lady thing really ticks me off too because the breathing is so heavy, but it seems like every game is forcing you to be a woman first now, just like the new COD

  5. nice kills m8, shotgun is overpowered, i did tell you they would be heading to staroye Lol, still havent failed you

  6. Why do you all call them bandits? There survivors like you duh!. Doesnt matter if there friendly or not survival is the name of the game. Kill on site cause you simply cant trust no one. Those who want to make friends are just fools. This game does not revolve around making money there for that's why people will kill you. There are no bandits in dayz there are only fools that want to be friendly to a random person they d9nt know.


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