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From the intense daily grind of Destiny to the infinite stream of block dropping in Tetris, some games are pretty repetitive – in a really, really good way.

Got a game that you simply can’t put down or have a memory of one that you sank crazy amounts of hours into? Let us know!


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  1. You'd be amazed how fast 10 minutes can go by playing Tetris. I love to play it on my Gameboy while using the stationary bike. Level 12 is the highest I've ever gotten.

  2. You didn't even mention the part of Assassins Creed and how you get information about the targets: namely the beat up, eavesdropping, etc. So even the micro portions of the game were repetitive.

  3. The most addictive game for me ever, will always have to be the trials series, although I'm rather good at the game, when you're stuck at a certain point.. you know where I'm going..

  4. Portal one of the most repetitive?? sorry, can't agree with that one.
    However Diablo 3 is mind numbingly repetitive but one of the most addictive games i have ever played,surprised it wasn't mentioned.

  5. There is one game that you'll finish and restart right after. Myself this is the only game that have finished and start over 5 times in a row using a feature called new game + which allow you to start over with your level and equipment from the previous game. The name is Chrono Trigger on SNES.

  6. Julia twirling a pair of scissors around a screwdriver (wtf) and Fizzie bouncing back off Benny into her face at 0:16 😀

  7. Sure Tetris is repetitive but every game is the same? That could not be further from the truth. Every single game of Tetris ever played has been different.

    If you can't clear Tetris, it's just because you're not good (enough) at it. I've played 3 versions and only cleared one of them.
    Tetris for the GameBoy on my 3DS. Highest score of 99,5XX
    Tetris Splash on the XBLA. Highest score of over 500,000
    Tetris Ultimate on the 3DS. Highest score of 174,XXX.

    Tetris Ultimate is the only one I've been able to beat marathon on so far.

  8. That said for me it's currently ark I'm max level doing single player an all I do is pick up dung, put in compost bin an go pick up more dung.
    Before that it's gotta be minecraft, gta online and splinter cell conviction Hunter mode and blacklists story mode I just love Hunter for the kill an blacklist to beat my ghost score and make it impossible to be beaten by friends all the time while I'm beating their panther and assault scores.

  9. Here's a doozy but gaming in general is repetitive be it your rpgs, driving, fps, Sims, rts even platforming games are all repetitive.

  10. By the way, i'm MonPrinCe, the Famous State Of Decay Legend who parks cars on rooftops! @undeadlabs can confirm this valuable piece of information! ,-)

  11. In my opinion I believe that my most addictive time in gaming on Xbox is destiny, got to agree with Benny on this one.

  12. Minecraft should be here, I spent hours on a big ass castle with luxury bedrooms, a bar, a freaking armour display room!and then the mobs came and goodbye Fort Rupert, then I rebuilt from what remained…



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