The 10 Time Travelers That Will Convince You It's Real


These time travelers were caught on tape and they might prove it’s actually possible to Time Travel! Time travel is one of those things that we want to exist but science hasn’t been on our side. However, these photos and videos will definitely make you wonder.

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For over a century, we have been catching signs of time travel from interesting videos and photos of people who just don’t belong. If you have ever looked at a vintage photo, take a closer look. Don’t let your eyes just glaze over the multitudes of people in the picture.

Make sure everyone is wearing relevant clothing to the time period. Also, take a look at the haircuts of every person. If they’re all of the same period, then you know a time traveler didn’t sneak into the photo. But more often than not, you might see someone who doesn’t quite belong.

If you suspect that a person’s clothing might look like it’s from a different time, definitely don’t let that go. Explore it and see what you can find! It is because of vigilant people online analyzing vintage photos and video that we have the ever growing archive we have today. In this video, we’re going to be talking about mysterious time travelers caught on tape.

We have to wonder if these time travelers snuck into these videos on purpose so that they had a record of being present? Or, did they have a moment of weakness and allowed themselves to be documented?
It’s hard to tell. It is possible that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of time travelers roaming about the world. How will we know that the history we know of today isn’t altered?


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  1. Who said dogs weren’t allowed to time travel too 😂

    What is the first thing you would do if you could time travel ?

  2. Bunch of bull. Notebooks and radio handsets do not make for time travel. People have too much time on their hands and this is one video that never should have been made.

  3. And the 1943 photo on the beach…probably holding a small book like a bible after all it is war time but mauybe because no one ever held their hands together or touched their face or held anything up to their face so it must be a cell phone.

  4. Let’s be real on all of this nobody EVER talks about coved for black lives matter so we can prevent 5hisnfrom ever heppening

  5. Has anyone ever confronted Jane Fonda about the cellular phone in Henry Fondant h as nd from Fort Apache . Sleight have the answers

  6. Anything is possible ! WHAT would I change … put a peg superglued to the current resident of yr. 'White House's forked tongue! CR.

  7. um…if there are no cellphones in the past that means there are no towers for cellphones. Which means your cell phone won't work.

  8. I'm also a time traveler from 2028 like Noah I came to warn you about the COVID-19 I was sleeping for couple of months at home when it took place but now I remember or the virus and don't ask me when it'll end because am going to sleep again and wake up once it's over 😴👍😜

  9. @Therishest. Do notice ….The very first person on this video travelled in 2028 nd warned us….. Nd see all the countries are suffering from covid19 disease……

  10. Just an fyi all these people that get shown looking down and appear to be texting on cell phones that didn't exist in that time period. I would like to point out that there were hand held puzzles that you could do one handed but was easier to use both hands. They have been around for quite some time bb games go way back and in the sixties or earlier there were plastic slide puzzels


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