Stormlord Longplay (C64) [50 FPS]


Developed and published by Hewson in 1989.

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An evil queen has imprisoned all the fairies in the land and it’s up to Stormlord to rescue them.

The game is an action-platformer with some basic puzzle elements. Certain items need to be collected and used in the correct order so as to grant access to the trapped fairies. The items must be collected in the correct order as it’s easy to get stuck and end up in a situation where you cannot complete the game.

There is a strict time limit on each level (indicated by the sun-to-moon graphic in the bottom panel), so speed is of the essence. Working out the correct item order, killing/avoiding enemies and general navigation all take time and it’s very easy to fail because you took too long.

After each stage, Stormlord has the chance to earn an extra life by shooting fairies with love-hearts and collecting 10 of the tears that they drop.

I remember owning this back in the day, but it was insanely difficult, so I never got close to finishing the first level.

I don’t remember paying much attention to the giant, naked fairies that seem to be emerging from urns and pots; I was probably too young to have taken much notice.

Technically, the game is pretty good. The graphics are very well drawn and animated, and there is some great music from Jeroen Tel/Charles Deenen too. However, I did encounter one bug towards the end of the game were Stormlord fell through the floor, so I deliberately sacrificed a life to prevent getting stuck in a perpetual falling limbo.

Sadly, there is no ending and the game simply loops once you complete level 4.



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  1. I typically got stuck at that level with those chess Knights. I remember milking those maids pretty good, though.

  2. It looks creepy because of the size of the objects relative to the main character. A bit like a bad dream or Dadaism.

  3. Great game for the Amiga, looks good for c64 as well, It was very hard didn't get far in it, may have to revisit this classic again on both amiga & c64. Those dam hovering bees lol 🙂


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