Space Explorers Review – with Zee Garcia


Zee shoots for the stars (or at least the moon) in this card game set in the Golden Age of Astronautics.

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  1. Small rules miss: the discount to hire a specialist to a division is based on the number of specialists (cards) already in that Division (column), not the skill symbols. Often, but certainly not always, they are the same though.

  2. This is what I wanted splendor to be. The retro space theme is my jam.

    They sold out at Gencon but I ordered it online and got it quickly so I'm happy!

  3. Thanks for the review. I feel you did an excellent job and appreciate your opinions and comments about the game.

  4. yeah, it does look like Splendor the Card Game, but the special powers add a lot of strategy that Splendor doesn't have

  5. So… yet another Splendor, Gizmo, Mystic Vale… Basically simple engine builders where you buy cards from the middle of the table that allows you to get bigger scoring cards so you can get even bigger scoring cards.

    Seems like the current new trend for the lighter ruleset games.

  6. Thank you for taking the time to review the game, Zee. Appreciate the positive comments and seal of approval!


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