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Sony PlayStation Wonderbook Hands On Review with Engadget! Today, we grabbed a few moments of hands-on time with the new PS Move peripheral at the Sony booth. As we learned last night, the first title for the new tech is a collaborative effort with J.K. Rowling, entitled Book of Spells. The kit makes use of an augmented reality book in tandem with the Move hardware to project images and animations (basically the game itself) right on the pages. Read more here: Subscribe to Engadget:

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  1. i won't get anything that uses the playstation eye until sony makes an hd version of it…seriously this camera sucks

  2. Another overpriced toy that hardly will get used and your out how much cash? Wow and it only took a year for them to release it.

  3. this feels like 2006 when the Wii came out and all these gimmicks were at their peak. And the ps3 eye toy game with cards, some dragon game

  4. That is kinda cool, but now make all that stuff appear of the real book and not the TV, and we have a real revolution! 😀


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