SNOWRUNNER / ON PS4 / #46 / MIGHTY MOOSE / ALASKA GAMEPLAY. Saber Interactive. Focus Home Interactive. Game released 28th April 2020. Join me on my continuing adventures in Snowrunner. In part 46 I take on a Drill Rig Disassembly, taking an oil rig derrick from Mountain River to North Port. After a lot of negative feedback regarding the Derry Longhorn, I decided to try it out and see for myself.


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  1. Did this mission 2 days ago first with the CAT then the tayga then the western star and the grad and I couldn't get the trailer over the top of the hill in mtn river so I had to go all the way around and ended up flipping the trailer and spending hours just trying to get it unstuck so I can say the longhorn made easy work of this and it makes me so mad i didn't use a heavy truck in the first place

  2. It's too bad you can't raise the center axle on the longhorn like on the real one. The Oshkosh It's based on, I mean.

  3. Im only buying SnowRunner tomorrow, cause been watching u playing and its brill, u made me buy it, graphics and all look magic. Thanks

  4. I reckon with the Derry longhorn (both of them) they have major flaws the one you used has no diff lock and a annoying dud axle and the other one has a complete lack of power. I heard an Idea that the reason for this could be that sabre interactive asked for a deal to use Oshkosh logo and name but they came back with a ridiculous figure to use them so in spite they made both trucks really expensive and rubbish.

  5. I don't mind the derry as long as you can mostly stick to main roads its pretty good. It does have the turning circle of a dozen mooses tho!

  6. Don’t remember if you have the P16 from Drummond or not, but it has spoiled me and in comparison, this Derry is just disappointing. I think the P12 is good too, but don’t have it. The horn on the P16 – awesome.

  7. You don't get minus points if you uncouple your trailer before you go in to a gas station! And please use all your winches to straight out your truck and trailer on the road. 😀
    But this haul was a very speedy one made of you! Applause!!!

  8. Do you think you’ll ever use a wheel?? I play with the g29 and it’s pretty fantastic! Love the vids by the way. ✌🏻

  9. Well done mr sealy p which goes to say don’t listen to gossip just do what you want as it worked well thank you for entertainment

  10. The jobs that reward vehicles, from what I've seen, will only reward you with that vehicle if you don't already have it. So say you already have the tatarin and there's a mission that would reward it, since you already have that vehicle it won't give you another one.

  11. Am I the only one yelling at the screen for him to turn on AWD. Makes it soo much easier with this truck. Especially the wide turns in the snow and the rocks.

  12. I highly recommend. Pacific P12 for those heavy loads mate. It truely is a capable machine. And when you are done with heavy loads you can use it as a maintinance truck.


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