Zeus presents Silkworm for the Arcade, a true classic from the golden era of arcade gaming which must not be forgotten alongside the software house and all programmers that were involved in making this game.

Year of release: 1988

This is one of those rare occasions that an arcade original fails to be the best version, for a real experience of boom, bang and solid shooting,…go play the Amiga version!
This arcade parent is a very good game, tbh I don’t like the simple music loop that plays throughout the entire game and the explosion sounds are not convincing,…hugely corrected in the Amiga version, also at the end it loops back to level 5 whereas the home ports have at least a text ending, but apart from that It’s still fun to play.
I have used the invincibility cheat so I could upload the entire game for your viewing pleasure.

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I will also always state whether I’m using any cheats in the game, if not mentioned then i am not using any.
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Keeping the memory of the Arcade games alive!!!


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