Silk Review – Stay Away From My Worms, Thanks


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  1. Casual euthanasia, is an interesting way to close the video of a game based on an industry that boils insects for their homes.

  2. Sweet mother of all that is holy, you made something from The Binding of Isaac! What kind of nightmare fuel has this channel become?!

  3. "Bumped indeed. Bumping with the fishies. Bumped three times in the back of the head."

    I found this hilarious.

  4. Should nit have started shaving during this review – when Matt pulled those worms out his oven, my laughter was bloody and painful 😂

  5. Man, the more I watch this show the more I just don't want to play board games anymore. It all just seems like 'let's all be shitty at each other'. Quite frankly… I don't need that in my life right now.

  6. So I think the thing protruding from the dog token is actually the tail, so in the video you were always pointing the dog backwards.

  7. Guys, I’d suggest either créme brûlée for the egg yolks or add them to spaghetti carbonara for a richer sauce.

    That was a very soupy merengue though. Gotta be stiffer.

  8. Finally got extravagant again. Needs to happen more often. Should start a monthly cooking show or something. I would enjoy that.

  9. Sadly the game suffers from a very unclear rulebook. Lots of question remain open, especially about scoring and placing the fences. I'm also not sure how effective it is to use the dog over the shepard. The game isn't that long and you need to get to those lucrative nursery spots with your shepard.

  10. My wife loves Takenoko and I was thinking because of that she'd like this too. Then Matt takes a shot at Takenoko, of course. You'll never be an adorable panda, Matt. Jealous doesn't look good on you.

  11. Looks like exactly the type of game I`d enjoy. Shame then that it`s been out of print for some time and is unavailable anywhere.

  12. Did I miss the explanation of what nurseries are? Are they those things that look like mountains between the tiles?

  13. Those worms look like they’ve been lost in the monster cave for one or three months without food or water
    So basically. Perfect crunch munch


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