This game is called the Plight and is a very decent horror game!

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Snapchat: daz_black



Intel Quad core i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60Ghz
Ram: 8gb DDR3/1600mhz
Video: Nividia GeForce GTX 760 2gb (single card)
HDD: 1 TB Sata-III
CrossHydro liquid cooling

Mother: Gigabyte Z97-HD3 Intel Z97 Chipset, ATX Mainboard, 4 Ram slots, 7.1 HD Audio, HDMI, GbLAN, USB 3.0, Sta-III, 1 Gen2, PCI 16

Case: Cooler Master310 mid-tower gaming case w/ side panel window (blue)
Keyboard & mouse: Devastator!

Capture device: Elgato HD Capture card

Nguồn: https://potomacstewards.org/

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27 thoughts on “Scary As Hell // The Plight

  1. Rose Tannahill I know I'm 3 years late but your jumpscare warnings were useless because you were late by like 5-7 seconds on each one.

  2. 0:29 no Daz it is not "why would you kill your mother with a spoon it's not very effective" it's WHY WOULD YOU KILL YOUR MOTHER ANYWAYS

  3. there is nothing better then watching daz on a rainy day on a tv with your best friend, a bunch of blankets, and popcorn!!!🤪

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