Rolex Air-King Review (116900) – Will it Double in Value?


We review the Rolex Air-King 116900 and discuss the attributes that would determine whether it will become more collectable and increase in value.

What do you think about this controversial Rolex watch? Do you love it or hate it?

Is this a good investment watch?

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    🎥 Rolex Yacht-Master 40 Blue Dial:
    🎥 Datejust 41 ‘Wimbledon’:
    🎥 Rolex Explorer II White Dial:

  2. Air King? Oh the A class Mercedes Benz or the MB Smart car. Don't get me wrong the Air King is a decent watch riding on Rolex's laurels however the watch is not worth double in value. The reason they used the Green logo and letters is to try to market it and increase sales but its not working. For the price you can get a Grand Seiko. Whats with 5 different fonts? They couldn't decide which one they wanted to use or was the bloody designer inebriated? Yes I would recommend passing on this model.

  3. I own one and fell in love with it the first time I saw it in person. Pictures and videos does not really show the true beauty of this Air king Milgauss.

  4. This model can be bought relatively easily at the RRP from an official retailer after a short wait and I note that on the secondary market they can be acquired at only a small premium, so yes, it could probably be described as one of the least popular of Rolex Professional watches. If Rolex do discontinue it, I think there will be enough people like me, who like the look of the watch, coupled with the rarity, that will ensure that prices do shoot up over time, as for example the Steve McQueen Explorer II (ref 1655) has done.

  5. I really liked the style and content of this video, I have decided to take the plunge and get one, you may be named in divorce proceedings!

  6. The problem I have with this watch is first of all that the dial is out of balance with all the minutes containing 2 digits except the 5 and on the second place there are way too many fives on the upper half of the dial. At first I thought this was a playful watch that presented us something new but once I’ve seen and really took notice of the two points I mentioned before I can’t unsee it. Nice video though and it’s a good thing we all have our own taste and preferences.

  7. I recently bought an Explorer 1 and the AD had an Air King as well. I didn’t appreciate the mixed markers. If it had all markers in minute, I would get it in a heartbeat. Oh wait, I also didn’t like the colorful letterings. I’d rather have all in white.

  8. Once it’s discontinued and the new replacement model comes without the green and gold Rolex element, the value will sure rocket up for this pcs…

  9. Love the Air King I like its quirkinesses so I brought one could be a future classic the Daytona was hated when it was first launched but the watch world has grown to love it. I wear my air king more than my Submariner.

  10. That written Rolex in green with the gold crown logo coupled with the inverted 12 o’clock lumed upside down triangle/pyramid marker and the green second hand makes this watch. Those features combined actually oozes the tradition of Rolex like no other model. On the other hand, i am not much a fan of minutes in Arabics and wish they would have done the markers in white hour Arabics. Nevertheless, I think the Air King will be a future classic along with the Wimbledon dialed Datejust 41. Both watches being very under appreciated at the present time in my opinion. I am just trying to decide which of the two to purchase next.

  11. I think it's a sweet watch! and will have its glory… no doubt in my mind, same as the 40mm yachtmaster period.. it works plain and simple. ROLEX GOAT!

  12. I have been following the Bloodhound LSR progress since the beginning. Sad to say, it will be extremely difficult for the team to get funding in the current economic climate. Also, when the project went into administration in 2018, Rolex already pulled out their sponsorship. The car did its 2019 test runs without the Rolex speedometer. They were replaced with digital displays.
    The 116900 will get discontinued with the story as being part of the most promising LSR attempt that failed. That will be its tragic hero story.

  13. You pay more for the Milgauss because you lack taste. If you are silly enough to buy a Milgauss, they know you're silly enough to pay silly money!

  14. I appreciate what Rolex has made with this newer Air King. So much so that I went out and bought one. To be honest I was looking hard at the Explorer but wanted something a little bit more substantial for my larger wrist. I'd always liked the color scheme of this Air King and when a real live deal popped up (2 month old, AD purchased, for under $5800) that was it. Couldn't be happier with this watch. I'd owned the new Explorer II Polar in the past but this Air King feels much better on the wrist. Is it a Rolex Sleeper? Who cares….

  15. I was under the impression the Bloodhound failed in its bid 🤔 maybe I heard wrong.
    I’ve also bought this and I love it! All those being negative will be first in line when they become collectible

  16. Made some enquiries about this watch with my Ad after looking for my next watch for the past months and keep looking at the Air King can't wait to see it in the flesh and try it on. Great video thanks hope it looks as good as it does in you're video.

  17. Great choice for your first video. I have one and it is controversial. First I didn’t like it when seeing it online but different story after putting it on. Heard people saying it is a playful rolex. Be waiting for your videos every Sunday 👍🏻

  18. You will notice the people who hate it, are people who are too "safe". Rolex came out with such a unique piece, something very different to what they normally come out with. Rolex went off the beat and track and the fan boys hated it because all they are doing is looking at it, they are not looking behind the face of it, the relation with the Bloodhound SSC project etc, if only those people stepped back and realised how different it was, coupled with videos like this pointing out key points, they'd soon changed their mind.

    Many people are starting to love the 116900 because people like you are making videos like this. Keep up the good work.


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