Rockbot [Part 1] – Quality Control


As in, there’s none to be found with this game. This particular fan-game was the one I was alluding to in my previous video, and it’s one that seems to have slipped under the radar for quite some time. From the initial comparison I made on my last video, I put this game somewhere on par with Mega Man Rocks. On hindsight however, this game could actually be considered on the same level as the Mega Man DOS Remake (or even Mega Man Origins, for that matter), at least in terms of overall programming faults. The overall frustration level is a different story however. This game isn’t nearly as annoying to play through as the DOS Remake, and is actually quite easy to breeze through (save for a few specific spots).

Despite this game being easier to sit through however, it’s by no means enjoyable. On the plus side however, there’s quite a bit to talk about with the game’s various faults (with the exception of the stages, as all of them pretty much follow the same bland layout). The biggest ones in these regards come from the bosses and the weapons, one of which has – at least in my opinion – officially dethroned Sakugarne and/or Police Shield as the worst Mega Man-based weapon ever conceived. It’s obviously not shown in this part, but we’ll be getting to it soon.


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  1. In all honesty, even though this game looks extremely choppy, I do think the pre-boss dialogue has potential to be a very interesting idea, and something I would absolutely do if I were making a Mega Man fangame.

  2. I'll actually give this game some credit for something, the art ain't bad. Sure it could use some work here and there, but honestly it's probably the best out of all the mediocre games you've played.

  3. I just got done playing Version 2.0 of this game. It's traded some issues for others.

    -Beta's dash-jump works now, but he's still inferior because enemy I-frames make his rapid-fire ineffective compared to a charge shot.
    -You can't infinislide anymore.
    -The health bars are traded out. However, the new dot-based meters are not very clear.
    -Where this version is very speedy, 2.0 feels sluggish. The walk speed feels slow compared to Mega Man.
    -Ladder climbing is slow as hell and has all sorts of jank.
    -The level select screen is very different, no longer a MM ripoff.
    -There's slightly more enemy variety, but still a lot of reuse between levels.
    -Don't know if this was changed or not but Ape Bot is ridiculously weak to the charged shot, making him the obvious starting boss.
    -Virtually every special weapon limits you to one shot on screen at a time.
    -I only ever found one yellow tank, and never needed to use it, but I suspect it's an M-tank.
    -Magic Star has a better hitbox, but it is slow as molasses and can leave you vulnerable when it fires off.

  4. believe it or not…..the mobile version is better. slowed down a bit, music seems a higher quality as well. then again i could be remembering wrong

  5. Good to know, that I need true American to subtitle someday the daylight seeing my Mega Man games, because I am from Finland.
    About Sliding glitch, it actually happens in original series too , but if you are sliding a wall above you

  6. You should play it nowadays. A lotta things have changed, even the fact of absurd speeding, frozen sprite while shooting and, it has unlocked more 2 characters. Now looks a real based megaman game.

  7. They released an update, it's not as glitchy and all weapons are useful now, save for the chain. Petal rzinbow does now a smaller arc, timed bomb czn now manually explode and isn't sent back.

  8. I've updated the game to a new 1.1.0 version. I've included and fixed most of your comments and reports of error/glitches. Thank to your reports I was able to find a lot of those issues, so I hope the game is less crap for you guys.

    While still far from perfect (again, this is a one-person project made during my small free time) it is a great improvement and should make happy people who want the character to control in a way similar to Megaman.

    I've also added a few new features like unlocking two new characters to play after beating the game and armor pieces that give different abilities for each of the characters you play with.

  9. I kinda dig the boss battle music in this game. (pretty much the only one I liked so far as of this vid)
    I'm a bit annoyed at the fact that Rockbot… is violet/purple/whatever color Grimace is. XP

  10. The desert stage could've used some desert like hazards. Kind of like Pharaoh Man and Commando Man had. The Boss Music is good at least. 

  11. While the game engine is clearly too fast and floating, and there's a lack of enemy balance or variety, at least give the guy credit for a wide variety of unique sprites, including his bosses. Few fan games achieve that with any degree of quality, and good spriting is not easy.

  12. I am the developer of the game. Sorry if it desnt fit the desired quality level, it is not easy to make an engine from zero without gamemaker, a existing engine, or one easy tool. Because the goal is portability (no other megaman like game have ports for PSP, Android, PS2, Dreamcast…).

    And thanks for this great review! I was missing someone taking the time to tell me about issues, I do really appreciate, and I'm taking notes on the mentioned issues. If you have more insight, like how can I improve the bad english, send me a note to

    About the Magic-joe: yes, I got permission from the author 😉

  13. …That's some SNK-tier engrish right there.

    Thing is, I might actually get a kick out of this game if only because of all the stupid glitchy fun. I wanna see how else I could make it freak out.

    EDIT: …nevermind, after seeing a freaking caterpillar take over 12 shots to kill I think I'll pass.


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