Reviewing The New 2017 BMW 5 Series 520d


BMW UK very kindly let me review their New 2017 BMW 5 Series 520d

in this video you will see the 5 series 520d interior, exterior, acceleration, sound and overview

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  1. I love Bmw. I have Bmw 520d 2016 and i am still very very happy with it. excellently built, next time i change a car will be bmw 2019 520d. no other brand than bmw

  2. You can’t control the AC or heating via key. All you can do is activate the fans as a pre-cooling feature. Nice vid tho

  3. Coming from "That type of person" point of view.
    I went from a 14 plate 520d to a 17 plate 330e phev thats a two litre petrol with an electric motor. To hug trees and save our planet (Purely for cheaper company car tax) I've just test driven the New 520d and the new 530e phev.
    For a large luxuriously appointed car for daily use 187bhp out of a 2 litre is made in such a way that older more powerful cars could only dream of.
    Think about it……. 7 seconds to 62 in a car that's over 1600kg. Quiet and has great handling that realistically Porsche were struggling to get those figures with their first 3 litre cars with more horsepower and hundreds of kilos less weight.
    I of course will be getting the 530e. Because I want to hug trees and save our planet. (Purely for cheaper company car tax).
    Ps. My toy for the weekend is a 66 plate Abarth 595 Turismo 165bhp from a 1.4 litre….. who could have thought that 10 years ago.

  4. Wow, only 185bhp?

    I would've thought it was easily over 200bhp.
    Also, the rattle-sound of the engine at idle is definitely not to my liking.

    Also, did you mention the price?
    I missed it, if you did.

    Either way, still a classy looking daily car, with great economy and space.
    And that ambient lighting is seriously tits.

    Great review!

  5. Love your car reviews … cool video 👌🏻😎 I think you should do a more expensive car like a AMG or Porsche or something similar to that


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