Pubg Mobile VS Call of Duty Mobile Comparison. Which one is best?


In this video, I have done a detailed comparison between Pubg Mobile and Cod Mobile. Which game do you prefer the most? Comment down below!

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● COD Mobile

►Android :

►IOS :

● Pubg Mobile

► Android :

► iOS :


Outro :
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Please watch till the end it takes lots of effort to make such videos. I hope you will enjoy it. 🙂 #AnonymousYT

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  1. Winners according to vote:-

    1. COD Mobile

    2. Pubg Mobile

    Thanks for the likes, comment and votes. Stay tuned for more epic comparisons! Peace.

    In my opinion, I think both the game is best in their own way.

  2. Maintenant en 2020 on peut joier avec des chars et des bombes nuclaire
    Et il y a une nouvelles carte elle s'appelle tunisia

  3. The variety of bullet spread in hip fire makes it for a dynamic gameplay.. NO other game design come close.. Best Game mechanic for movie like gunfight CODM WINS

  4. Keep Killing it! Your progression can only be determined by the extent of hours you invest into your craft homie! 😊 Goodluck ❤️

  5. what if… they released gta 5 on mobile,would that be so great,I mean it will be better than those two games.

  6. i prefer Codm, Codm has better graphic but somehow runs smoother than Pubgm 🧐

    would br perfect if only Codm remove futuristic stuffs (except wingsuit!)


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