Pubg Brutal Hacks with Esp No Ban| Fixed Game Crash Issue Permanently when using GG|Follow the Steps


Welcome To My Channel Everyone

Watch in Browser for 1080p quality.. Also playspeed 1.75x ok… But dont miss the steps or skip video… If u skip u will not know how to play whole game with no ban…. So do exactly how i have done

I have not Edit Video so Do not miss important steps…..Its working 100%.
Sorry For Long video Guys, I had to do manually data on off so cant record in game and show you…Hope this video is easy to understand.

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Play Full Brutal (No 10 min and 10 years Ban)
Enjoy Full game from now onwards.

Direct Download Link ( All in One zip)

Follow the Steps from Start to End to Avoid any game crash or ban. (Conqueror Safe trick)
Also turn off internet for game guardian using AFWALL ok to avoid crash. Also if again crashing then dont use esp… Just use script… Its because ur device cannot handle two hack apps with this method.

*********Password is SPOBB*************

For non root and all pubg version support… Download from here

****Use Pubg Esp Hack only with Bypass or Memory Antiban…otherwise direct 10 years Ban….. For Esp Hack check videos in my Channel and see how to use it for Skeleton features. (Only real player show skeleton ok not bot) ******

I have tried to make this really easy for u guys… Save your time by not skipping the video… If you skip you will miss important information.

Thank you.

Send me Screenshot of chicken dinner if you have time

Listen everything what i said… Comment down if u saw full video and understood.

Enjoy Everyone

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  1. Play speed 1.75x to make video shorter.. But dont skip video… U will get ban or crash game for sure …so save ur time and watch full then start playing game after that…. I know that the video is long but i have tried to explain in detail…i have not cut any part of the video….so dont miss any steps guys…..and also dont miss last 2-3 minutes of video ..i have showed how to start another game….send me ss after chicken dinner on my telegram if you have time….telegram link on description.

    If you want to use injector then see my previous video ok. If you get ban that means you dont know how to use injector so please use this video method with gg and esp only.. . thank you….Play Full Brutal.

    If u get knocked out in game then u need to do data on off and finish that game.. Then close pubg game and open again with the same trick… So dont get knocked.

  2. In root hacks are working but in virtual when i apply hack game gets closed
    My device is rooted btw but in virtual no hack is working

  3. Bro when I just turned off my data and on it again and click cancel fast but it just gets loaded into the game should I go to the lobby

  4. I see only 2 zones data on off butt which time. We 3 data on offff plz tell me broo✌ and my game guardian is craash💔


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