PSX Longplay [434] M and M's – Shell Shocked


Played by: Mad-Matt

Not much to say on this game other than it is an awful game. It has some nice inter level fmv sequences but the gameplay is horrible. On each level you wander around a fixed path jumping on boxes to release M&Ms and navigating plat forming obstacles. The problem is the camera often blocking your view or it will swing around while you are jumping causing you to completely miss the landing.

Of course that is not the worst of it. The collision detection is so bad that there could be a whole block of empty space between you and the nearest box/foe and it will say you hit it and died. Also jumping tot he side of the screen it will say you hit the wall even though there is plenty of room around you. Its a good job the game throws lives at you if you collect the boxes.

I collect all the formula collectables (M&M packets) found in the dark brown boxes. Allows be to play the bonus stage once in each level other than the first. It doesn’t add anything to the story/ending of the game so largely a waste of time. Quite often the bonus levels are the same each time anyway.

While pepsiman clearly had some time spend developing the game, this game definitely did not and seems like the entire budget was put into the fmv sequences although they ran out of money at the ending sequence so it only has half the frames. The game could probably be finished in 30 mins or so if just rushing through it, not hitting boxes collecting lives.


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  1. I thought this was going to be an M&Ms themed FPS. Imagine if this was a cheap rip off of MDK instead of Crash Bandicoot
    (well MDK is technically a third person shooter but still)

  2. After so many years, when I think of it, this game sucks. But I would still play and enjoy it, so many memories <3

  3. I dunno why but i unironically quite like this game. It's not a good Crash rip-off but it at least gets the core gameplay mechanics right.

  4. 9:13 Oh no the minis halved messed with the milk chocolate. We're in big trouble.
    The minis halved messed with the milk chocolate. You are in big trouble.

  5. in fairness… the music was great.

    i remember getting this as a kid. i never got to finish it because it was just SO damn hard and it kept on glitching

  6. I swapped in crash bandicoot 2 midgame on my PS1. The life and m&m counters turned into garbage and the level select screen was a wall of vomit but nearly worked.

  7. You know? Looking at this game I can swear, it reminds me of something. Another PS1 game about an orange marsupial… nah. I’m probably just losing it…

  8. I still have this game, showed it to a friend n he was like this is FUCKING garbage why did you play this?! I was like I don't know I was a stupid ass kid why did you play the shrek games? Same reason we were both stupid


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