Product Preview – Game Trayz / Euphoria Custom Insert


In this video we take a look at Game Trayz Custom Inserts and Trays.

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  1. 10% discount code does not work!  🙁  Apparently there was a time limit to that that should have been listed?

  2. Very Nice trays, and compared to others very well priced, If I had these games I would really want these inserts. I would like him to make the inserts for the Plaid hat games line of games and would be very happy to promote them if made!

  3. The website doesn't seem to have any options for the black Terra Mystica trays, nor the felt finish. Does anyone know if that option was discontinued/sold out or if they'll be in?

  4. Agh I want to jump on the Terra Mystica tray but it doesn't seem to have space for the 4 town tile mini expansion…

  5. when are you going to finish samurai spirit and it would be awesome if you play ghost stories 

  6. I saw this on BGG when they were first making the Terra Mystica insert (their first one). I have to say I love it it makes it so much easier to set up the game and to move the pieces around the board.

  7. They should make universal tray for FFG LCG, they have one of the worst box inserts.  A universal trays that hold decks (sleeved) and space for tokens and bits on the side would be a god send.

  8. Wow, these trays are amazing. Unlike the other inserts you have featured to far, these have a more rounded,modern look that fits perfect with the games. The plastic also allows it to be much cheaper than other inserts, which is the main reason I have not purchased many inserts yet. To finish things of they also added that innovative new way of popping the components out of the inserts. The little holes to take the pieces out in other inserts, although convenient, were quite fiddled and didn't please my eyesight. Overall, these inserts are amazing. I've loved the inserts you have featured in the past, and I think they are some of your best videos, but the price and sharp corners always kept me away. Thank you so much for introducing these to me, I would not have found them otherwise. I really will consider picking up one of these!

  9. HEY THERE!!! we're thinking about a new board game and wondering if you have any suggestions!!! So far out fav are ( 7 wonders and legendary, but also like smash up and small world) any new suggestions!? thanks! 😀 

  10. These are fantastic. Wooden inserts are very nice but they tend to be very expensive. These inserts seem to function very well AND low on cost.

  11. Glad to see that somebody finally is doing vac-mold trays for games. I've been tempted for a long time to put something like this together.

  12. That looks great. I don't have any of the games that they're producing inserts for, but I will keep an eye on their future products.

  13. Very cool trays. Since their price should be lower than that of other trays made by cardboard or wood, I hope we will get in the future games that use trays like these in the original box and they don't require the players to get them.

  14. Had to jump on the Tera Mystica insert, thanks Rodney!  (I used the code more to give you credit than get a discount, they were so affordable anyways!)

  15. Wow these are nice. And a hell of a lot cheaper than I thought they would be. Can't wait till they get up and running and producing inserts for more games.

  16. Nice review.  I have the Game Trayz insert for Euphoria.  I LOVE Euphoria and wonder if you have or plan to do a show on it?


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