Our portable, collapsible dice towers are just the thing you need when you travel to meet up with your D&D gaming group. The ten inch tall tower folds up to fit into a backpack and rugged construction means you won’t destroy it when you toss your stuff into the back seat of your car.

Despite it’s small size, our dice towers can handle more than twenty dice at once without clogging, and four baffles ensure that your dice are well and truly randomized for each throw. Well, unless you are using weighted dice, then you’re on your own, cheater.

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3 thoughts on “Portable Dice Towers – Collapsible Gaming Gear

  1. Great channel!

    I really like how all of your equipment is at perfect working height

    to easily and (safely) see what you are doing.
    Will there be a video on the tilt table build?

    I'm dying to try this : )

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