Playing games for money: How I got my start in RMT


A user asked how I got started, so here’s an overview. Today, I’m the world’s foremost educator on making money from playing games. However I got my start pretty humble, as an American farmer. I made about $1000 monthly as a farmer in Everquest, by working the bazaar. Other players would gladly sell items for really cheap because many they couldn’t keep them listed 24×7 like I could. Later, I did import/export between PVE and PVP servers. Finally, I grew, represented other businesses, and helped a Chinese gold farm in World of Warcraft. I helped so much that I was made into a business partner, which lead to me coming to China to help out even more.


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  1. I'm from TBN i'm interested in talking to you a bit about RMT making some contacts and really just want to pick your brain a bit whenever your not busy. Been trying to get ahold of you so hopefully you'll respond.

  2. If you're working in China and have got a huge amount of money over the time, why are you still recording with this 2$ Webcam?


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