Photoshop Tutorial: How to Design a Classic, Vintage, Tourism Poster


Photoshop CC 2014 tutorial showing how to create and design a classic, vintage, 1930s – 1940’s-style, tourism poster.


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Geomancy Extra Bold:

Honey Script Light:

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  1. You're tutorials are the BEST I have come across on youtube!!!!!!! They are so clear, easy to understand, easy to listen to you, very consistent and pleasant. Very professional. If the scoring system is 1-10 , your's is 100. Hard for me to even watch other tuts, now having of discovered yours. THANK YOU.

  2. Hi there. Great site and info. I want to create vintage posters from my photos. Which PS do you recommend.? It will be
    pretty much used for that purpose only. Is there a real basic version that will do the same as your tutorial?
    thanks. Mark, New Zealand.

  3. What a fantastic tutorial! Thanks a million for this easy to follow post with superb results! 10 out of 10!

  4. Out of 10 points I'd give this tutorial a 20! Such a professional, clear speaking, no rush, everything explained. Awesome! I rarely see videos made this professionally. Thank you!

  5. Have you done a poster where you keep the sky? Like with clouds and what not instead of covering it with a gradient? The old style posters have all these colors in them and I'm wondering how they can be added

  6. Not sure if you still monitor comments on this video, but if you do, quick question:
    Can this tutorial/process be done via photoshop elements? I can't afford a full version/subscription to photoshop.


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