Penguin Kelvin (English Subtitles) – Full Game 1080p60 HD Playthrough – No Commentary


Polish: Pingwinek Kelvin
Dutch: Pinguin Kelvin

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I have owned this game for quite some time and never got it to work. However, yesterday I finally got it working through DgVoodoo2! It ran in 1080p, up to 300 fps!

I read somewhere that Penguin Kelvin / Pingwinek Kelvin is supposedly some spin-off of the Kao the Kangaroo series. Well I believed it immediately, as it felt exactly as if I was playing another Kao game.

The game is unfortunately really short; something I did not expect and kinda disappoints me. The boss fight is also too easy.

Kao the Kangaroo – Universe playlist:

Summary: Penguin Kelvin is a 3D platform game where the player controls a penguin who has to navigate several levels.

The gameplay is similar to many other platform games, like Mario 64 and Kao the Kangaroo, focusing on collecting heaters, jumping (over holes, spikes, on higher platforms, etc), avoiding obstacles and defeating various enemies. Kelvin may use 2 attacks, he can spin (like Crash Bandicoot or Gex)and slide into enemies. The game has varied gameplay – for example on the second level, Kelvin slides on the stomach down from the mountain.

The game features 6 stages and checkpoint saves system.

Release Date – March 20, 2003
Genre – Adventure
Platforms – Windows
Publisher – PLAY Sp. z o.o.
Developer – X-Ray Interactive

My Xbox360 gamertag: Shad0wx54x

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  1. A few days ago I played Kao the kangaroo(Kangurek Kao). In that game when I picked up something(I think it was boumerang) was very familiar sound effect, and then I remind this game. It really crazy that one sound can remind you a lot of good memories. Thanks for the video.

  2. I used to play this when I was like 8 or 9, I was so dumb, never found out you can punch and destroy things, I would always avoid pigs and brown guys, never got past level 1 because would always fail to jump into the hot air balloon without being killed by snowman. I was so scared of it. Still, I love this game, and I never forgot main menu music.

  3. Damn, it was 2005 and I was in the classroom of what we call in Dutch groep 1, that day stuck in my head forever. It must have ran on windows 95. It was the first game I ever played. That's my appeal, now looking back in time forgetting all the lost innocence of my soul. Thank you for this. Today you made someone smile.

  4. Seriously, they re-used everything from Kao, Sounds, enemy animations, exit portal, boss animations, everything 😀

    Even the bell after defeating boss, and the scream after falling into the void.

  5. Such a strange, creepy game. Played it a very long time ago but some random elements always stuck with me, like that machine that comes after you. The sound it makes haunted my dreams XD I couldn't remember the name of the game for the life of me until I came across it at a garage sale. And yes, I did pick it up again! It's still a fun game.

  6. I played this like 11 years ago when my brain did not fully function yet. I got stuck at the boss fight, did not know what to do XD. I remember being scare af for those pigs and brown monsters

  7. Dude. How did you get it running? I also had a problem starting another old game and then I came back and it worked – it feels like the drivers needed to "age" before the game ran, and it does run beautifully… Anyway, care to share the settings? Anything?


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