ORBITOR – Slick Orbital Momentum Space Game (Early Access)


Not to be confused with Orbiter, the Space Shuttle simulator, or Orbitalis, the 2D flash game with similar mechanics… this game, ORBITOR, instantly caught my eye when I spotted it at PAX Prime this year. In it you control a small little space probe, directing yourself with thrusters as you zoom around dynamic orbital worlds blowing stuff up and collecting points along the way. I’m incredibly impressed with how polished and slick the graphics and gameplay are and can’t wait to see more.

ORBITOR is available on Steam Early Access:



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  1. It's too bad hardcore shooters isn't your thing because otherwise you might've enjoyed Orbital Gear. It's pretty dead by now, but was a fun little indie game mixing quake style lightning-fast combat with orbital and gravity mechanics similar to this. I had a lot of fun with that game for a while, but as I said it's basically a complete ghost town at this point, I'd imagine.

  2. If you like "orbit-y" games you should try Osmos. It's very different than this. It's slower-paced, more relaxing, a little more strategy-based (but only a little). It's more like a combination between this game and Agar.io.

  3. Its funny, I actually knew about his game before because i ran across the soundtrack on sound cloud accidentally 😛

  4. I seen this game before. I saw in its early stages. Damn, it became something beautiful. Looks like he made,or bought a Nother Game engine for it. It's not so 2D anymore

  5. Does the music remind anyone else of those cheesy college promotion videos. 'Excitement, Explosions, Entertainment.. come to Orbitor U, It's out of this world.'

  6. I have to correct your description. Orbiter is not a Space Shuttle simulator. It's a full on spaceflight sim which has thousands of spacecraft available for you to fly. Okay, it comes with like four spacecraft out of the box, but still, with the addons which is what you're meant to use it with, it turns the thing into the ultimate sandbox spaceflight sim. The stock space shuttle model included with it isn't even very good and is more of a demo. There's better versions you can download and add on. Orbiter is a program that you really have to use addons to get the most out of and it just doesn't shine with just the stock program. It was designed with this in mind. I've have Orbiter on my computers for over a decade.

  7. The soundtrack and the audio effects are outstanding.  I think many Devs don't realize how much sounds can dramatically affect the player's experience.

  8. At this time it really seems like an arcade-type game. It will be interesting to see the direction the game designers go in progressing this game.  I must admit I'm interested in this, but cautious about how it will go. I hope you will continue to showcase the game in its development.


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