Orbitor Demo | This Game is Amazing!


Today, I play a game called, ‘Orbitor’ and it is so cool! I’ll explain a lot of what the main objective of the game in the video. For this video, and probably from now on, I have made a new animated outro using one of the tracks used in this game.

Now, Disclaimer, I don’t own any rights to the soundtrack itself. All rights go to Evil Aliens – Dale Ward who did an amazing job on the track.

Warp Demo Download:

Steam Link:


Music Used:
Pixelh8 Micro Busking Chip Tune Music (Intro)
Re-Entry – Evil Aliens – Dale Ward (Outro)

Nguồn: https://potomacstewards.org/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://potomacstewards.org/game/


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