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The Nissan Juke blends individual looks with plenty of kit – but does it offer enough practicality to tempt small SUV buyers? Visit to see how much we can save you on a new Nissan Juke.

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  1. I absolutely adore my juke 1.2 turbo. And Although I can see why some ppl may don’t like it visually, I believe it’s a really beautiful and different car in a world full of rectangular clones

  2. I am 68 and this car is one of the best I have ever had incl. VW, BMW, Mercedes, and Jeep Cherokee. I don't know what this guy is talking about in his review. Feels save on the road, the noise level is very low, spacious, is very stylish and has got many extras. Just ignore this review.

  3. Why is the Juke so popular? I think that's best answered by an owner, like myself and also the original design brief. Car reviewers have compared it to full size 4x4s and complain about lack of space etc. The Juke was and in some ways still is an alternative to a standard supermini like a Fiesta or Polo. Underneath the Juke you'll find the same floorplan used on the Clio and Micra, it's a small car designed to look bigger than it is. For the same money I could have bought a run of the mill Fiesta, which would just be another forgettable hatch. The Juke has similar space to the Fiesta ( UKs best selling car ) so it's not bad at all. I'm not interested in throwing my car around twisty roads, so the handling is fine for sensible driving. The ride is on the firm side, perhaps slightly choppy due to the basic setup. The upside is reduced body lean in corners and a darty feel around town. Nissan as always throws in lots of standard equipment, even base models have the essentials covered.
    Interior quality may not be the best on offer, but everything is durable enough for everyday abuse. Nothing has gone wrong or stopped working on my 2016 Juke, compare it with a Fiesta spec for spec and if you want a high riding Crossover it makes so much sense.

  4. It should be banned I cry every time I see one and what to run them over in my truck, if I don't get blinded by the fucking fog light s on when it's not fucking FOGGY

  5. Nope I still hate it, that gear stick is a massive bucket with a stick in it, came here to see what makes it so special as they are everywhere, I'll stick to my xsara picasso, much better interior and better looking

  6. This car is not a car and is not a real utility vehicle either. Not sporty either. Very bad styling since it is ugly and no good use a space. And it does not drive nicely either. A cheap shot for looks ? May I say artificial value. Better off with Citroen that is a real fun vehicle. But is there value in SUVs? My answer is no since your center of gravity is higher so the vehicle will hold the road and break a lot less well. Thumbs down.

  7. Nice review…… Juke is fun to drive specialy on sport mode and stylish design…… I love my Juke 2016 year model full option…… Thanks Nissan

  8. fuck i've got this car on hire…. its much better than this review suggests…. i wonder what is better in this segment?

  9. I love my Juke . I bought it at end of 2012 Some people complain that it's small. Well, some of us really study the space before purchasing. I really like some of the "concept" Jukes and if the one I want becomes available I'll buy it for my next car. Love that Juke sets up higher than some other small vehicles. It is a turbo which I love. It is just plain fun to drive. It is fuel driven and I like that. I've never sat in back seats, but know that the front ones are very comfortable regardless of distance driven on a trip. There are some features in the 2017 Juke I would enjoy, but what I have is quite satisfactory. No problems so far.


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