NION LIGHT PUZZLES! Pokemon Spectrum w/ Sacred: Part 12 (Fan Game Gameplay Walkthrough)


Pokemon Spectrum 1.3 Part 12 NEW Fan Game Gameplay Walkthrough Let’s Play! Leave a LIKE if you enjoy and have a nice day!

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  1. I prefer to assume that it's harder to commentate and play at the same time. People aren't stupid. The writing is literally on the wall. Oh and as I write this you figured that part out.

  2. To make it easier for you, here is a quote from the wiki: The correct order of Nions: Green, Light Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, Purple, Orange, White, Dark Blue.
    Also, as I don't want you to get stuck on the next puzzle as well, you need to go to the room on the left and move the red and blue mons so that there would be the same amount from each, in every box. Doing so would unlock doors to further parts of the Hydro Room with similar puzzle. Once all puzzles are done, Yellow Will finish defrosting the north door and you can fight some grunts. After that, you report back to Boxy in her room in the building where you first met and get a Ticket, with which you can take a boat to Sandy Town. Its possible to get there by walking from Sahara as well, but you might miss some parts of the story and perhaps won't be able to progress further.

  3. I couldnt figure this out either, i think ur supposed to just kinda look at the frozen numbers n compare to the top ones but its too hard to tell, I dont remember off the top of my head, but i found the answer on the Spectrum wiki page for this power plant, believe it was in the comments


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